Friday, 30 December 2016

Sneak Peeks from the Designer's Challenge: Convolution Hat

I seem to be in the habit of writing very succinct post titles, but once again, the post title basically describes all that you need to know.

Here's my unfinished entry into the November/December Ravelry Designer's Challenge.

An incomplete hat made of blue yarn, with live stitches on a circular needle.  The hat is being knit from the brim up, with a ribbed brim and a spiraling cable pattern.
It's tentatively titled 'Convolution Hat'.  I was hoping it could be done for my father as a Christmas present, but a major tension fail set me back quite a bit of work (and that's why proper swatching is important folks!)

The themes of the challenge were to make a hat that involved texture, and I immediately thought of something that curled around itself.  I'm hoping to have all the cables come together at the crown.  It -should- work, but I haven't knit that part yet.

Anyway, though I haven't finished the hat yet, the Designer's Challenge give partial credit if you're over halfway done, so, I'm over halfway done, and it's not looking like I'll get the chance to finish this tomorrow.

That's it for the moment folks!  Here's hoping your New Year is awesome!

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Mitered Drawstring Project Bag -- KAL Extension: Deadline of Jan 31, 2017

Announcment:  Please note that the deadline for the Mitered Bag KAL, has been, in fact, extended to Jan 31, 2017.   The discount codes have also been extended to be valid during that time!

Hello all!

So I know this is short notice, but I have just dug myself out of the pile of holiday knitting.  And I highly suspect I'm not the only one.

Anyway, the question being put to my wonderful peoples is this:  Would you be interested in extending the deadline for the Mitered Bag KAL to Jan 31?  The discount code would be extended as well, so no worries if you're only jumping in now.

I'm asking for responses/thoughts/comments by tomorrow evening (I apologize for the short turn-around on this, as I did just dig myself out of the holiday knits pile!), and you can comment here, on Facebook, or vote in the Ravelry KAL thread.   I'll post what the details about the extension are here (as well as on Facebook, my e-mail newsletter, and Ravelry), so you should have no worries about missing the information.   Look for that tomorrow evening (so, Jan 30, -5 GMT, in the evening), and as usual, drop me a line if you have any concerns.

If you're a newcomer looking for what this is all about, you can find all the detailed information in the Ravelry KAL thread and/or by looking back through my latest KAL posts about the Mitered Drawstring Project Bag here.  Everything you need to know should be in the header of the Ravelry thread, and if you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Back from the Holidays!

Just a quick post this time:

So I'm back from visiting friends over Christmas Day, and so, it will be business as usual in my little corner of the internet for the 27th, 29th, 30, and 31rst.  Jan 1, and Jan 2, I will likely not be online, as my family is doing a New Years Party.

Also, please note that I'm not going to be online December 28th, as I'm going to a friends wedding!

. . . now my only question is finding something nice to wear.

Anyway, I hope you've all had great holidays, and that Santa brought you all the yarn you wished for!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Mitered Bag KAL Reminder!

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted as much recently, I know.   Sometimes I think the holiday season is the universe's effort to syphon time away, because it always seems to get unimaginably busy.  I'm now wondering if it's the same phenomenon that causes the dryer to create mis-matched sock pairs?    However, despite the universe's efforts, I'm still here, still alive, and still frantically knitting Christmas gifts.  Hopefully I can finish before December 24th.  Last year I had to deliver a few things on New Years, which I'm hoping not to do this year.

So, as an attempt to procrastinate on the pile of Christmas gift knitting, I wanted to write this post and remind people that the KAL for my Mitered Drawstring Bag is still running, and will continue until Dec 31, 2016.  The discount is valid until then also, so don't worry about being a late-comer; late-comers are quite welcome!

A picture of the Mitered Drawstring Bag.  It has a striped garter-stitch top with a twisted cord. Half in the bag is a skein of yarn.

For more details, or to sign up, feel free to check the Ravelry Thread, here.  Right now, there are no KAL finishers, so you've still got a pretty good shot at wining the two prizes!  And the Bag itself could make a very good gift for other knitters as a project bag, or anyone who could use a drawstring bag to carry small objects around (dice, I'm thinking of you)!

Anyway, hope to see you in my Ravelry Group, and please comment here or on the Ravelry thread if you have any questions!

Friday, 2 December 2016

Sneak Peek: Spiraling Star Fingerless Mitts

Hello everyone!

So here's a chance for a sneak-peek at one of my forthcoming designs; my (tentatively named) Spiraling Star Fingerless Mitts.   It's done up in Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Fine in "Hush", which means it doesn't have a lot of stretch to it, but I'm still quite happy with how it's turning out.

 A blue-white fingerless mitten knit in fingering-weight yarn. It has a ribbed top and bottom cuff and is made in a spiraling stitch pattern. The ends of the yarn at the thumb and at the palm are not woven in.
As you can see, it's not quite done yet (did the yarn ends give it away?), but it was a lot of fun to figure out. 

I've currently got the XS (which is shown) and the Large graded and figured out, the Small and Medium size will take a bit of different math. Because the stitch pattern continues on the thumb gusset, I've still got to figure that one out.

I'm not entirely sure when these will be up for a test-knit -- I'm hoping to finish the other mitten by the end of December, so probably sometime around then.   If you're hoping to test these, I will post here (and on Facebook and Ravelry) when I call for test-knitters, so keep your eyes open!