Sneak Peeks from the Designer's Challenge: Convolution Hat

I seem to be in the habit of writing very succinct post titles, but once again, the post title basically describes all that you need to know.

Here's my unfinished entry into the November/December Ravelry Designer's Challenge.

An incomplete hat made of blue yarn, with live stitches on a circular needle.  The hat is being knit from the brim up, with a ribbed brim and a spiraling cable pattern.
It's tentatively titled 'Convolution Hat'.  I was hoping it could be done for my father as a Christmas present, but a major tension fail set me back quite a bit of work (and that's why proper swatching is important folks!)

The themes of the challenge were to make a hat that involved texture, and I immediately thought of something that curled around itself.  I'm hoping to have all the cables come together at the crown.  It -should- work, but I haven't knit that part yet.

Anyway, though I haven't finished the hat yet, the Designer's Challenge give partial credit if you're over halfway done, so, I'm over halfway done, and it's not looking like I'll get the chance to finish this tomorrow.

That's it for the moment folks!  Here's hoping your New Year is awesome!


  1. Lovely concept, am looking forward to seeing the FO. Hope your New Year is off to an awesome start.

    1. Thank you! I'm finding the cables are making it a tight knit, but it's relatively simple, which is nice.

      New Years has been good to me so far; here's hoping things keep trending that way. :)


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