Thursday, 2 January 2014

Beginnings of a Sweater

So I finally stopped dithering around and started working on an actual design.

I just finally finished balling up the yarn for my attempt at a Raglan Sweater.  It will be a V-neck raglan sweater, knit in-the-round from the bottom up. I'm thinking of doing a garter-stitch edging, and lace panels and cable-work at the centre front.  I'm also going to put the lace panels on top of the sleeves.

One of the reasons I finally decided to make this is because no matter how much I ran the math, I could not for the life of me figure out quite where to put the lace so that it wasn't 'eaten' by the raglan decreases.

The yarn I've chosen is Briggs and Little Softspun (Ravelry link here).  I ordered it from the Briggs and Little Mill last year, which shows you how long this idea has been running around my head.

Here's a (not perfect) shot to give you some idea of the colourway, which is called "Honeydew."

Well, I figured since it is the New Year, I ought to actually get to work on these design ideas I have, rather then simply letting them float around in idea land with math, sketches, and ideas.  So, wish me luck!