Friday, 25 June 2021

FO Friday: Headphone Covers!

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Whelp, it's FO Friday, and I've got a project I realized I hadn't shown you!  

So, I made a pair of headphone covers. I originally got the idea from Emilimagine's Instagram (embarrassingly, I can't find the exact post!), but I remember seeing it and being really impressed by the idea.

a pair of headphones with crochet covers on the earpieces and a small band of blue-and-white washi tape on the headband.
Fast forward a few months, and my headphones started coming apart, with the foam earpieces separating from the body of the headphones.    Now, you have to understand, I'm brutal on headphones, especially wireless ones.  These come with me pretty much anytime I leave the house, to listen to podcasts or music -- but I also sleep with them!  I listen to ASMR or audiobooks to fall asleep.

Tangent: For those wondering how on earth I learned to do that it's a holdover from University dorms -- I had Music History at 8 am, and needed -some- way to sleep through my night-owl roommate!  So I started sleeping with headphones, and have just kept up with it ever since!

I started googling crochet headphone covers, and found a whole bunch of patterns, but none for my specific headphone model.  So after googling a bunch of different patterns to get some ideas on how these were constructed,  I played around and made my own!  I haven't written this up as a pattern yet -- I found that because there are -so- many different styles of headphone shapes and sizes, that pretty much any pattern needs to be adapted, it seems; but if folks do want the instructions for what I've made here, I'd be happy to write them up and share them!

These were done on a 3.5 mm Crochet hook from Leither Co. (after winning this hook on Marly Bird's Yarn Thing podcast, I admit, it's become a staple in my crochet hook collection!), and the yarn was Scuttleship Romney from Bobolink Yarns -- it was a way to  use up the leftovers from the Garden Trellis Hat and Mittens!

Now yes, these don't come off.   So if I ever wanted to fully wash them, I'd have to cut them off.   It's the downside of this style of construction, but, considering that headphones don't need to be washed super often, and if they do, a little bit of soap and water worked into the fibers then rinsed out and left to dry (turn off the headphones first), should work well enough! I did see a couple patterns where you tied the covers onto the headphones, but the majority of patterns seemed to just crochet the whole things right on the headphones, and honestly, that was easier.

Some folks ask if this effects sound quality.  If you're super-sensitive to sound quality; or are a huge audiophile?   You'll probably notice a difference -- I admit, I do notice a little bit of a difference with some ASMR audio.  But as an easy fix for headphones and a great way to use up ends of yarn balls?  I'm quite happy with the result! 

And yes, I can reach the wireless controls.  The rounds of triple-crochet spread apart enough that I can stick a finger through to hit the various buttons, (and get the charging cable in),  so it works out well!

Oh and yes, that's *Washi Tape on the one headphone.  It actually works surprisingly well for headphone repairs -- a few cents worth of Washi tape is a lot cheaper then replacing the entire headphone set, that's for sure! 

So that's another finished object from me!  What about you -- got any finished Objects you want to share? Post pictures in the comments of the blog! (Or, come join my Facebook Group if you're on Facebook, and share them there, too!)

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

WIP Wednesday: CandiCat Mittens!

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Welcome back to WIP Wednesday!  And today is a new project, inspired by DeviCat's "Do this in your Style" project -- when I first saw this IG post, I was like, "yep, I can make mittens out of that!"
a white mitten-in-progress with a two-colour ribbed cuff in blue and pink.

It's taken a couple of tries and experimentation to get the tension of the two-colour ribbing to line up with the mitten, but, I think this time has got it!  I'm just working on the thumb gusset, and it's coming along well! 

Yarn is, by request, a cotton yarn, and I found a wonderful recycled cotton yarn at my local yarn shop:  in Borgo de'pazzi Amore Cotton!  It's 75% recycled cotton, and 25% polyester.   Since these are going out, I wanted something machine washable;  and I love that these are mostly recycled cotton! (cotton is actually a crop with some real environmental and workers-rights issues). It felt very rough in the skein, but it's softened up even as I knit with it.  I don't know if I'd want as it next to sensitive skin, but as workhorse mittens, knit up into super dense fabric on 3.5 mm (US 4) needles, it's working up very well!

The *Celtic Knot Stitch Marker is from *NotionsEmporium, and is marking my beginning/end of round, while the blue gem stitch marker is from *Fibremancy, and is marking the other side of the thumb gusset, and both are working out well. The blue stitch marker has a wider 'ring' size, as it's actually based on an earring back, so, if I were working on bigger needles, I'd probably be using two of those, rather then the Celtic Knot marker.  But both are locking, which is perfect for Magic Loop/Travelling Loop! 

So, I know that some of you are probably also doing crafting and art challenges this summer;  and I'd love to see them!  Link to both the challenge and your projects in the comments, and show off your awesomeness! (Please, no Ravelry project links though, as Ravelry is, unfortunately, still a seizure risk. But IG posts, Facebook posts, blog posts, or anything else is more then welcome)!

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

WIP Wednesday: Feather On The Wind Mittens -- Oopsie!

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Welcome back to WIP Wednesday! And today, the second sample for the Feather on the Wind Mittens is -almost- done!  Now, originally, I thought they'd just need their ends sewn in and the bottom round sewn up  (they use a half-double crochet foundation rather then the usual foundation chain, so there's a one-round gap at the bottom of the cuff). 

Two crochet fingerless mittens on top of one another, laying flat.  The top of the hand is wider on the bottom mitten then the top mitten.
But no, as you can see,  I inserted some extra stitches when working the second mitten, probably in messing up around the thumb opening! So, that's going to have to be undone and frogged back!  The thumb opening edging is separate, so none of this should be too hard to frog, but this wasn't part of the plan! 

 This pattern got accepted into the WeCrochet IDP program, and so, this is sample number two, done in  *WeCrochet's Gloss DK, in the (gorgeous!) colourway "Kenai".   (Psst, this yarn is glorious! Just make sure you hand-wash it, as it's a bit delicate!)   

The hook I used is a *5 mm hook from Darn Good Yarn.  This hook is in the first month of the *Darn Good Yarn Subscription Box (which was ever so generously gifted to me by JennyKnits on Twitch;  who sadly, doesn't seem to be streaming any more!) 

Once I fix it and get them sewn up and blocked, then it's off for photography and the start of the testing process!  I'll be posting the testing call on Yarnpond when it's ready to go!  (Oh, and if you want to get a sneak preview of the draft pattern,  that will be available for Pattern Muses over on Patreon!)

I'm actually really excited that these are almost done, and really disappointed that I have to frog back (I -hate- frogging, but it has to be done!)

So, given my need to frog back, I'm hoping to live vicariously through you this week!    Anything you folks are happy to have off the hooks and needles?  Feel free to share in the comments! (Please, no Ravelry project links though, as Ravelry is, unfortunately, still a seizure risk. But IG posts, Facebook posts, blog posts, or anything else is more then welcome, I'd love to see what you've finished up!)

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

June Featured Pattern and Knit-Along: Ice Cream Sundae Socks

Yeay for Summer Weather! And Summer weather means Ice Cream! 

 And yes, it also means new Knit-Along and Featured Pattern Sale!  The Ice Cream Sundae Socks are  the Featured Pattern for June, available at 50% off (currently $3.00 CAD, regular price, $6.00 CAD)! Use the code "JuneFeatPatt2021" at the link below!

Someone wearing a pair of ribbed lace socks. The socks are blue with flecks of white, pink, and yellow.

These socks were the result of playing with yarn and stitch dictionaries. I wanted a stitch pattern that would show off variegated yarn and keep it from being 'ugly'. The Ice Cream Sundae Socks were the result!

These socks are knit from the cuff-down, with either double-pointed needles or the Magic Loop method. They use a heel flap and gusset heel, with an slip-stitch heel flap for additional durability. The instructions are written; the lace pattern is both charted and written. Instructions are given for two sizes.

The sample was knit using Blue Moon Fiber Arts Super Sparkle, a 4 ply Superwash Merino yarn with Lurex blended into the plies. If you are substituting yarn, any Merino/Nylon or wool Sock Yarn will work up well. This pattern is designed to help break up repeats of highly variegated yarn, but solid, tonal, and gradient yarns will also be beautiful in these socks.

This pattern has written instructions, and the stitch pattern is both written and charted. This pattern also has an accessible large print option that is compatible with screen-reading software. This option includes only the written instruction.

You can buy the pattern through Etsy, or Payhip, the discount is available on both platforms. The discount should be be visible on Etsy, To get the discount on Payhip, you can use the coupon code "JuneFeatPatt2021"

Now, onto the Knit-Along!

For the month of June, any finished pair of Ice Cream Sundae Socks has a chance to win a $25 USD gift card from *EatSleepKnit; and one pattern from any of my self-published patterns! To enter on the blog, simply post a link to a picture of your completed pair of socks by June 30, 2021 Please note that the socks don't have to have been started in June, just finished in June, -- so it's a good reason to pull out any WIPs!

Please note, due to the seizure/migraine risks, you may not post links to in the comments of this blog. Such links will be removed and will not count as entries to the Knit-Along. IG posts, public Facebook posts, blog posts, or even direct image links are all acceptable alternatives.

You can also win by posting to the giveaway on Facebook, and on Instagram, giving 3 chances to win in total!**

I always look forward to seeing your Finished Objects! Please post them to various social media with #SarahDawnsDesigns, and share them to my Facebook Group if you're on Facebook! That way, I can see the awesome that you folks make!

**One entry per person for each project per platform (three possible entries total for each completed project). One Winner will be drawn at random using random number generation. Winner must have a valid e-mail address to receive the pattern and electronic gift card. Participants may enter the same project on more then one platform, but may only enter each project once per platform.