Wednesday, 9 June 2021

WIP Wednesday: Feather On The Wind Mittens -- Oopsie!

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Welcome back to WIP Wednesday! And today, the second sample for the Feather on the Wind Mittens is -almost- done!  Now, originally, I thought they'd just need their ends sewn in and the bottom round sewn up  (they use a half-double crochet foundation rather then the usual foundation chain, so there's a one-round gap at the bottom of the cuff). 

Two crochet fingerless mittens on top of one another, laying flat.  The top of the hand is wider on the bottom mitten then the top mitten.
But no, as you can see,  I inserted some extra stitches when working the second mitten, probably in messing up around the thumb opening! So, that's going to have to be undone and frogged back!  The thumb opening edging is separate, so none of this should be too hard to frog, but this wasn't part of the plan! 

 This pattern got accepted into the WeCrochet IDP program, and so, this is sample number two, done in  *WeCrochet's Gloss DK, in the (gorgeous!) colourway "Kenai".   (Psst, this yarn is glorious! Just make sure you hand-wash it, as it's a bit delicate!)   

The hook I used is a *5 mm hook from Darn Good Yarn.  This hook is in the first month of the *Darn Good Yarn Subscription Box (which was ever so generously gifted to me by JennyKnits on Twitch;  who sadly, doesn't seem to be streaming any more!) 

Once I fix it and get them sewn up and blocked, then it's off for photography and the start of the testing process!  I'll be posting the testing call on Yarnpond when it's ready to go!  (Oh, and if you want to get a sneak preview of the draft pattern,  that will be available for Pattern Muses over on Patreon!)

I'm actually really excited that these are almost done, and really disappointed that I have to frog back (I -hate- frogging, but it has to be done!)

So, given my need to frog back, I'm hoping to live vicariously through you this week!    Anything you folks are happy to have off the hooks and needles?  Feel free to share in the comments! (Please, no Ravelry project links though, as Ravelry is, unfortunately, still a seizure risk. But IG posts, Facebook posts, blog posts, or anything else is more then welcome, I'd love to see what you've finished up!)

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