Access and Inclusion

Given the recent discussions on racism and inclusion on IG, Ravelry and other places, - and, sadly, Ravelry's stance on accessibility (or lack thereof) I've decided to revamp this once again, to include more on inclusion and where I stand.

Through my experiences, I know what it's like to be 'othered.'  And I dislike when I do the 'othering.'  But I do,  I know I do.  I know that I will never know what I don't know, and I will never know what it means to be judged on the colour of my skin, or for all the things that I -don't- have the lived experience of.

So, if I say/do  something that you find awkward, please, don't be afraid to contact me.  I promise, I'm not trying to be insensitive.


So I'm only fluent in English, and have passable but still-limited Welsh. I'm trying to expand my language fluency, so that language is less of a barrier.  If you would be more comfortable contacting me in Welsh, feel free!  If you'd prefer to contact me in French, or German, please do so -- just please be aware I will struggle in my responses. 

My Twitch streams are primarily in English, but are bilingual English/Welsh (I ask for patience with my limited Welsh vocabulary and grammar, though!) Sadly, I'm not yet fluent enough to stream in French or German, (although that is another goal!)


I'm working to get my all pattern PDFs converted to a large-print format that will be compatible with screen-reader technology.  All future releases will be released with the large-print format, and I'm working to convert older patterns.  (I have an active call for test-knitters and crocheters who use screen-reader technology, if you're interested, please e-mail me!) 

Any patterns that use charts also have written instructions.  Smaller charts are written out within the pattern. For larger charts, the written instructions are available as a second download at no additional cost on both Etsy and and my web shop.

Garment and accessory patterns come in a variety of adult sizes, and instructions are included for how to alter the pattern further.

Right now, My patterns are available in English, and I can provide pattern support via e-mail in English and Welsh.

Cost of Patterns:

I'm aware that the cost of patterns can make things prohibitive to lower-income  folks.  So, for lower income folks who would like to purchase a pattern, I offer a few options.

1) Self-Published Patterns go on sale as part of the Featured Pattern of the month at 50% off.  If you see a pattern you would like, you can purchase it then.
2) If you submit a finished Featured Pattern into a Monthly Knit-Along, you have a chance to win free patterns.
3) You can sign up for my e-mail newsletter and get a free self-published pattern of your choice.
4) You can sign up for a test-knit or test-crochet.  If you complete the test, you get the pattern you tested, plus two other self-published patterns from my library.
5) You can hang out on my Twitch Stream.  As long as you're logged in, even just being an active viewer earns you stream currency (Loyalty Points) which you can redeem for free patterns!  Want more Loyalty Points?  Follow me on Twitch, and host the stream when I'm live!
6) I often offer my patterns as prizes for other folks Knit-Alongs and challenges.  For example, I had free patterns available as prizes in the 2021 Fasten-Off Yarn Along. 


Consider this my official 'call for models,' especially models of diverse races, body sizes and more.  I usually use myself for a model, and that means that yes, I perpetrate the 'thin white woman' idea.  I don't like it, but I can't change it.  I am working up the courage to show my wheelchair and cane more often in photo shoots, but that's a tricky thing for me.

So, if you are interested in being a model, and to help me extend the diversity of my modeling range, then absolutely, contact me!  I'm looking for models who are people of colour, First Nations, Metis, androgynous, gender-queer, plus-size, disabled, or any other category I haven't considered here that would visually represent the diversity of folks.   And don't worry, you don't have to be a professional model!

To be a model, you will have to be in Toronto, Ontario, Canada,  (or able to travel to Toronto).  Sadly, I can't afford to pay a lot, but I'm willing to pay $20 - 40 CAD for a shoot, or, I'm willing to barter services.  In addition to payment, you'd be credited in the pattern, and get social media shout-outs.

If you are interested in modelling a size I don't have a sample knit up for, there will be a considerable delay as I will have to source yarn and knit the sample.


As a teacher, I have experience teaching people of all abilities and learning styles.  Let me know how you learn and what methods work for you, and I can customize how I teach!

The physical accessibility of class locations will vary depending on the location chosen, but that can be discussed when we set up the classes.  I can access wheelchair accessible locations relatively easily, and if you need something else, it will be discussed in the class setup.

If you need a support person or interpreter, they are, of course, more then welcome, and do not need to pay the class fees.

Video Captions:

I do all my captioning myself, so, for Twitch livestreams, at the moment I cannot not offer professional real-time captioning.  The barrier to that is simply cost.  Right now, I'm using Webcaptioner with plugins to caption my Twitch Livestreams, but it has trouble with my speech, and I know it is not accurate enough.  It is for this reason that one of my goals over on Patreon is to be able to fund professional real-time captioning of my Twitch Streams.

Live Videos that are done through Zoom are also using the Webcaptioner plugin,  though that only currently works with my mic feed and not the mic feed of other speakers. Please contact me if you will require real-time captioning to participate in a livestream and I can arrange something.

Non-Live videos will be posted to Youtube with English Captions.

Described Video:

For the livestreams, I do not offer described video.  However, I  do attempt to narrate what is happening on screen if it is not just me speaking -- and if you have any questions or are confused, please, do not hesitate to post in the chat.

For Non-Live video material, it will have described video offered via YouDescribe.

Third Party Web Platforms:

Not all Web Platforms offer accessibility features. That said, I offer image descriptions wherever possible, and any video I create will be posted either with captions or an audio transcript.

If you experience a particular problem accessing my content. please, let me know so I can either fix the problem, work-around the problem, and/or forward the complaint.

Any Other Questions:
Please, feel free and reach out -- you can e-mail me, contact me through my Etsy Store, or you can message me on  Ravelry.  (If you message me through another social media platform, there's a good chance I won't see it right away.  Best way to contact me is via E-mail!)