Friday, 15 July 2016

Compliation of Questions

I'd like to think the post title says it all.

I've posted several more questions in my Ravelry Thread, to help gauge all sorts of questions and ideas about this whole pattern-selling business.  And here are a few more:

Here, we're starting with a two-part question. One question is more for designers, the other part is for knitters; but feel free to answer both parts if you like, (or you can completely ignore both questions, I promise I won’t be offended!)

For Knitters: What do you consider when you are choosing a pattern? For designers: What is your biggest consideration when writing up a pattern?

Next, a couple of questions on pattern pricing:

Here’s a question just for the designers among my readers: Do you provide free patterns? Why/Why not?

And here's another two-part question:

For Knitters: What things do you consider when you look at the price of a paid pattern?
For Designers: What things do you consider when deciding how to price patterns?

Finally, an overarching question that I hope will let me create the best patterns possible:
What is the number one complaint you have with patterns overall?

If any of these questions have prompted thought, please, don't hesistate to leave a comment here, or to leave a comment on my Ravelry thread.  I really want to get conversations going around some of this.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 8 July 2016

Sneak Peaks from the July/August Designer's Challenge!

Well, here we are.  Now that I'm finished the Business Development Class, I'm kicking into high gear with designing (which is actually a lot of fun!)

And here is a sneak peak of the yarn I'm using for the July/August Designer's Challenge!

(And yes, I sort of lost the argument with the ball winder on this one.  I admit it.)

A cake of brown and grey yarn.  The centre has several loops tangled in it.
Anyway, the yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label in "Stone", which I think is quite fitting, considering that the theme for the Designer's Challenge is that of 'Travel Adventure'.  Well, every summer I try and go up to my Aunt's cottage, and the stone colour reminds me of the stones of the Canadian Shield.  As a kid, on summer holidays, I would wander the back woods and paths for most of the day, and I -loved- it.   Now, I try and go up there for at least one weekend in the summer, though, realistically, it usually is only one weekend in the summer I seem to be able to manage!

It's going to be a textured tank-top, (the other requirement for the designer's challenge is that it be a sleeveless top), but since it's made with the 100% merino wool, not only will it be wearable in Summer, but it will also be wearable in Fall as a layering piece to go under or over other tops.

So, there's my latest new project and idea!  Here's hoping I can get it finished for August.