Friday, 15 July 2016

Compliation of Questions

I'd like to think the post title says it all.

I've posted several more questions in my Ravelry Thread, to help gauge all sorts of questions and ideas about this whole pattern-selling business.  And here are a few more:

Here, we're starting with a two-part question. One question is more for designers, the other part is for knitters; but feel free to answer both parts if you like, (or you can completely ignore both questions, I promise I won’t be offended!)

For Knitters: What do you consider when you are choosing a pattern? For designers: What is your biggest consideration when writing up a pattern?

Next, a couple of questions on pattern pricing:

Here’s a question just for the designers among my readers: Do you provide free patterns? Why/Why not?

And here's another two-part question:

For Knitters: What things do you consider when you look at the price of a paid pattern?
For Designers: What things do you consider when deciding how to price patterns?

Finally, an overarching question that I hope will let me create the best patterns possible:
What is the number one complaint you have with patterns overall?

If any of these questions have prompted thought, please, don't hesistate to leave a comment here, or to leave a comment on my Ravelry thread.  I really want to get conversations going around some of this.

Thanks for reading!

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