Friday, 8 July 2016

Sneak Peaks from the July/August Designer's Challenge!

Well, here we are.  Now that I'm finished the Business Development Class, I'm kicking into high gear with designing (which is actually a lot of fun!)

And here is a sneak peak of the yarn I'm using for the July/August Designer's Challenge!

(And yes, I sort of lost the argument with the ball winder on this one.  I admit it.)

A cake of brown and grey yarn.  The centre has several loops tangled in it.
Anyway, the yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label in "Stone", which I think is quite fitting, considering that the theme for the Designer's Challenge is that of 'Travel Adventure'.  Well, every summer I try and go up to my Aunt's cottage, and the stone colour reminds me of the stones of the Canadian Shield.  As a kid, on summer holidays, I would wander the back woods and paths for most of the day, and I -loved- it.   Now, I try and go up there for at least one weekend in the summer, though, realistically, it usually is only one weekend in the summer I seem to be able to manage!

It's going to be a textured tank-top, (the other requirement for the designer's challenge is that it be a sleeveless top), but since it's made with the 100% merino wool, not only will it be wearable in Summer, but it will also be wearable in Fall as a layering piece to go under or over other tops.

So, there's my latest new project and idea!  Here's hoping I can get it finished for August.

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