Affiliate Link Information and Details

**This post contains affiliate links.  Any link marked with an * may give me a reward or commission if you visit and/or purchase something using that link.  And, if you do purchase from my affiliate links, thank you for supporting my yarn habit!**


People often ask me if there are other ways to support my work.  Now, I'm pleased to say, there are! With these companies, I earn a monetary commission or, a reward (like points, store credit, free months, or a discount of my own) when you make a purchase.  and don't worry, there's no additional cost to you!

I'm an affiliate with a number of amazing companies, including:

Yarn Companies:
Productivity Software
  • *Brain.Fm  (Functional Music for Focus, Sleep  and Productivity)
  • *Surfshark (VPN [Virtual Private Network] for information and digital security, plus Geo-unblocking of content!)
Sustainable Fashion
Second Hand Clothing:

Please, don't worry, I'm not going to be 'advertising'.  Any links I do post on this blog will be context-sensitive.  The purpose of this blog is to share information, create community, and promote my work.  Not to advertise random, spammy products.  If I review something, it's because I use it, love it, and think it will help. 

Also,  I -really- didn't want to do AdSense on the blog. Ads on a blog are annoying.  And I use an ad-blocker over about 99% of the internet nowadays, and I know I'm not the only one.  This way, there's no risk of random, inappropriate content, or ad features that interfere with the functionality of my blog site. Actually, according to my research, affiliate links are now generally considered a better monitization method, anyway!

And a reminder that, of course you -never- have to purchase something from my affiliate links.  If no one ever does, I'm ok with that!  But if you choose to, then it helps me pay the bills and cover some of the expenses of this business.  That's it.