Thursday, 4 June 2015

Designer's Challenge -- Lace Mesh Tunic

Once again, I've been inspired by the Ravelry Designer's challenge, in this case, their June/July challenge, which is for a summer tunic or a beach cover up.

The second part of the challenge is that it has to use plant fibers, and that, initially, threw me for a loop.  I have a whole bunch of BSA Worsted Cotton in my stash, but it's marked for my own projects, or for Birthday and Christmas presents.  Besides, there's not enough of it there in any one colour to make a tunic, and I didn't feel like doing stripes.

But then I found my box of Handmaden Fine Yarn Flaxen.  (And when I say 'box' I mean 'box' -- it was still in the box it was mailed in!)

 I'd ordered it ages ago for a tunic pattern, and it struck me as just perfect for this! I can knit it tight, since the silk will grow, and the linen will help keep it light.  I was cautioned by the place that I ordered it from that the dye lots aren't quite the same, (you might be able to see the difference in the photograph) so I'll have to allow to a spot to alternate in the pattern.  But that fits in nicely with my plans to add in waist shaping, anyway.

I'm still tweaking how I want to do the lace mesh stitch, I'll be swatching things out later today.

The last part of the challenge is an interesting neckline.  I'm actually thinking I'll do a crew neckline with a buttoned collar -- I have some buttons that I think will look gorgeous with this yarn -- and if not, I can always raid my button jar!

Anyway, I'm super excited to swatch and cast on for this -- so I'll type a 'goodbye' for now!