Friday, 28 September 2018

FO Friday: Spring Leaves Market Bag and Yarn Review!

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Well, I'm thrilled that I've got several more FO's to show off, and this week's FO is the Spring Leaves Market Bag!

The amazing folks at were kind enough to send me the yarn to try, (yeay, free yarn!) but don't worry, all the musings are my own, I promise!

So, yes, I did finish the bag.  
A mesh bag knit in dark yarn. The bottom of the bag is a lace leaf pattern.
So here I was, trying to figure out what to put inside the bag for the photograph (otherwise, the bag looks really crumpled and weird!) 

Well, the answer is  -- I'm a knitter, 'yarn' would seem like the easy answer, and absolutely, this bag would make a good bag to go yarn shopping with!  I wouldn't suggest it as a project bag, though, since needles and notions would very likely escape the lace.    

Anyway, it's yarn that's definitely the star of the show here today. The folks at LoveKnitting sent me some  Rowan Creative Linen, and I think I'm in love!  This yarn was absolutely wonderful to work with!  It's a 50/50 blend of cotton and linen, and I'm quite impressed!  I was originally not sure on the yarn, since I tend to find linen yarns harsh on the hands.  But this stuff worked out amazingly well, and wasn't harsh at all!  It also didn't dry out my hands the way some cotton yarns have done.   And, despite the dark colour of the 'Stormy' colourway, the yarn didn't bleed at all!

Winding was pretty painless -- it comes in a twisted skein, so you do have to have a way to wind it.  You can't knit right from the skein.   But a basic ball winder and swift will do the trick, (or, I just used a nostepinne and my knees)!

Packaging and Shipping was great too!  Since I'm in Canada, I often have 'adventures' when it comes to international parcels, but, absolutely no trouble with customs or Canada Post, and LoveKnitting ships to Canada without a problem.  Even better, they show prices in Canadian Dollars, so no more guessing at the exchange rate!  And, if you're looking to save on shipping, they offer free shipping if you spend more then $100 Canadian. 

So yes, I'm really enjoying this yarn!  There's only one thing I wish, in a dream world, that were different, and that's that it would be even more awesome if the yarn were made with organic cotton, rather then conventional cotton.  I do try and use Organic cotton wherever I can, so if this were organic, that would be absolutely amazing!

Well, shifting topics slightly to the pattern -- this bag pattern is one of my own designs, the Spring Leaves Market Bag, and the yarn is a perfect match to the pattern!  I went down a couple of needle sizes to a *4.5mm needle, (I wanted a smaller bag), and I majorly shortened the drawstring tie.  I want to loop this over the shower head in my bathroom and use it to put stuff in, so I wanted a very short tie.  

Well, I can't think of anything else to write at the moment! (I'm that impressed with the yarn, I guess!)  So, I'll close with my usual question -- what crafty things have you folks finished over the week?  I'd love to see, so please, post them in the comments!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

WIP Wednesday: Cottage Knitting on the Hermione's Everyday Socks

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Hello folks, and welcome back to WIP Wed!  This week is all about the cottage knitting!  I went up to my Aunt's cottage in the Haliburton area over this last weekend, and managed to get some knitting done on my Herminone's Everyday Socks!  I figured these were the perfect pattern to bring, since they're relatively simple, so I could knit them in the car, and didn't have to be glued to the pattern.  (I also got the chance to knit on the end of the dock!)

For those who follow my Instagram, you might be wondering 'why no pictures?'  Well, the answer is two-fold.  

One, there is no internet at the cottage, (and I don't have data on my phone).  That's intentional -- and I loved it!  It was weird-but-great to not be online, and it wasn't too big a problem.  The only thing I had to remember to do was download some Netflix stuff to my tablet, and then I watched in the car when I wasn't knitting.  (Actually, I didn't do very much car knitting at all, I found.  Don't know why!)

The second reason is, although I use IG, I've never been the type of person to document my life on social media.  So the concept of stopping to take a picture for me (let alone for other folks to see), is still a bit of a strange mind-set to me.  I'd much rather enjoy being in the moment then trying to capture it when it happens.  Even of my own personal pictures, I don't have very many at all.   So it usually doesn't occur to me that I could take a picture or video of something until well after the fact!   It's something I'm trying to bear in mind as a designer and creative -- how to be more spontaneous with my photography and video work, especially in the age of social media -- to show you folks more of my creative life, and figure out the balance of simply 'being' in a moment versus 'capturing' a moment for me and the folks who follow me.  Still working on that one, I'm afraid!

Anyway, I've digressed from the Knitting!  Ahem:
A sock on double-pointed needles.  A shell stitch marker is clipped into the knitting.  The yarn is fingering-weight yarn, dyed blue with flecks of gold.  The sock pattern is a simple knit and purl texture.

So, I did get some further progress done on my Everyday Socks.  The pattern isn't mine, it's a free pattern available on Ravelry from designer Erica Lueder,  I've already knit one pair of these, and now I'm trying to finish up the second!   The pattern makes great travel/transit knitting, since it's one of the patterns where you can put it down and pick it up again without too much trouble at all!  

The yarn is Nerd Girl Yarns Astral, in the colourway "Pluto," which is 75% Merino, 20% Nylon, and 5% Stellina for a bit of sparkle! Sadly, this particular colour is no longer available, since it was an exclusive dyed up for *Eat.Sleep.Knit in 2016. That said, the Astral base is absolutely beautiful, (I'm not usually a sparkle-yarn person, but I like this stuff!) and still available from the Nerd Girl Yarns Web Store

Needles are my *HiyaHiya 2mm dpns.  I actually had a discussion with my Aunt and fellow knitter, who was shocked that I made socks on 2 mm needles!  I've always had to go down a couple needle sizes in most of my knitting, so it's not that strange to me.  Sometimes I'll make socks on 2.25 or 2.5 mm needles, but usually only for stuff like colourwork.   Besides, I  love my socks densely knit -- they last longer and wear better, I find!

The little *shell-and-purl stitch marker is from *Winemakerssister's Etsy Shop.  I've gotten a lot of questions and compliments on this particular stitch marker set (I got two sets, but I'm kind of obsessed!)   I love the fact that they're the lobster claw stitch markers -- as you can see in the picture above, I haven't hooked it over the needle, but rather clipped it right into the work.  I much prefer that, especially when working with double pointed needles.

Well, I think that's it for this week's WIP!  I've got some other stuff on the needles (some of which I can't talk about yet).  I was hoping to finish up the socks at the cottage, but that. . . was probably too ambitious!  That said, I've got a couple of finished objects (or almost finished objects) for this week's FO Friday, so stay tuned!

What are you working on?  What have you almost finished?  I'd love to see in the comments below!

Friday, 21 September 2018

Woodland Hat Test-Knit Call!

A woman wearing a blue cabled knit hat with the brim folded up, revealing an off-white layer underneath.
Photography: Stephanie Wallace
**This post contains affiliate links. Any link marked with an * may give me a reward or commission if you visit and/or purchase something using that link. And, if you do purchase from my affiliate links, thank you for supporting my yarn habit! For more details, click here.**

I'm thrilled to announce the test-knit call for my Woodland Hat, (which is a sister pattern to the Woodland Mittens!)

This hat pattern has been in development since 2014 (eek, really!), and, thanks to being the Q4 Release for my Pattern Muses over on Patreon, I finally got the kick-in-the-behind I needed to get this hat written up and done!

This hat is a double-layered reversible hat, knit with cables in worsted or aran yarn.  If you knit it in two colours, you can flip the brim of the hat up to cover your ears and show off the colour underneath!  It uses a provisional cast on to make both layers of fabric.

The sample was knit in *Squoosh Fiber Arts Ultra Worsted, in the colourways "Rock Candy" and "Mallowmar."  But, any worsted or aran yarn should work out well. 

The hat is worked on  4 mm and 4.5 mm *circular needles, though you could switch to double-pointed needles for the crown decreases, if you prefer.  (And, as always, you should use whatever needle size gets you gauge!)  As with all my patterns, the pattern is written that it doesn't matter what circular knitting method that you use.   

Anyway, if people are interested, sign ups are here on the Ravelry Thread! You will have to be a member to view and post to the thread, but sign up is free, and Ravelry is an amazing resource!

The deadline for this test is October 19, 2018. Testers who complete the test will receive the finished pattern for free, as well as one pattern of their choice from my self-published patterns.

Also, if you want to be notified on Ravelry about new test knits, you can PM me on Ravelry to sign up in my test-knitter's thread. I'll also post test-knit calls here on the blog, and to my other social media platforms (Facebook, G+, Patreon, Instagram and Twitter ), and, I'll send out test-knit calls to those on my mailing list, as well, so hopefully, anyone who's interested will see my test-knit calls.

Well, I hope you would consider being a tester! And, if this doesn't peak your interest, that's ok!  Plus, I have my first crochet test coming soon, so if you're a crocheter, please, stay tuned for that as well!

Thanks for reading, and until next time, folks!  Happy crafting!

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Toronto Knitter's Guild: 2018-2019 Membership thanks to my Awesome Patrons!

Well, this is how I know it's the start of another year --  I picked up my TKG (Toronto Knitter's Guild) Membership at the September meeting!
A photograph of the Toronto Knitter's Guild Membership Card.

And it's thanks to my amazing Patrons that I am able to do this -- they've graciously and wonderfully funded most of the cost of my TKG membership for the 2018-2019 year! 

So, thank you, thank you very much!  

But, why write this post?  I've made a point of being as accountable as possible with the money I make from Patreon, so, here's my proof that the money goes where I say it goes! (I have, however, edited out my signature for security reasons.  I don't really need that broadcast around the internet). 

As for the membership card itself?  It's still nothing too fancy in terms of the actual card. (Though it's a different colour from last year's card!)  The back of the card still has the various guild meeting dates and some contact info. But, this little card does so much for Toronto and GTA area knitters! It gets you into all the guild meetings (guests pay $10 at the door), and discounts at a bunch of amazing GTA yarn stores!

This September meeting was the same material as the last September meeting was, which was not a bad thing at all!  And as seems to be a tradition, we all had a good laugh as some of the. . . well, lets call them "interesting"  fashion choices that were presented!   I'm really looking forward to see what the Guild has in store for this year!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

WIP Wednesday: Anghymesur Shawl -- Almost Done!

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Well, hello folks, and thanks again for following along with WIP Wed!  This week, I'm showing the (almost finished) Anghymesur Shawl!  

I've only got a bit of yarn left, and I'm rather excited about that!  I'm hoping I can eek enough yarn out of the ball to get to the end of the chart repeat -- I think I should be able to, so here's hoping I win this game of yarn chicken!

A shawl still live on the needles, tucked in and around a wooden yarn bowl.  The shawl is knit in a gradient that runs from purple to red.  The yarn cake in the yarn bowl is quite small.  Standing beside the yarn bowl is a black cat, looking at the camera. And yes, while I was trying to photograph the shawl (which is hard to do now, it's gotten rather long), our rescue cat was determined to be in the picture!  I couldn't get her to go pester someone else, so I acquiesced to her demands to be in the photo.

Anyway, the yarn is Dragon Strings Phoenix Wings Gradient in "Dark Crystal". I got it at the Woodstock Fleece Festival last year.  While I fell in love with the colours, I wasn't sure what to make with it.  Don't get me wrong, I love gradient sock yarn, but I always wonder what to do with it, because then I end up with socks that don't match!  Well, the shawl was the perfect way to use the whole gradient!

Needles are a pair of what I think are very old Aero Needles. They're listed as '11' on the needle end, but my needle gauge gives them as 3mm needles. That means that sized in Canadian/UK sizes.  And yes, your eyes do not deceive you, they're bent.  They're older then I am, so that's hardly a surprise! 

And yes, I'm knitting a shawl on straight needles.  They're longer needles then most (I believe they're 14 inches long but I haven't stopped to measure).  When I'm writing the pattern draft, I'm thinking I'll call for circulars -- I don't know how many folks own a pair of 14 inch long 3 mm straights.  Plus, while the shawl does fit on the straights, it's wide enough now that it does have a tendency to slip off the needles if I'm not careful, so it's easier just to say to work it on circulars. 

On that note -- one of things I got from the 2017 Toronto Knitter's Frolic Spring Social?  A set of needle stoppers!  They were tucked into my grab bag!  I hadn't had call to use them yet, but I pulled them out for this project.  However, in typical ADHD fashion, I've already managed to lose one.  It rolled away when I pulled them off.  I know it's -somewhere- in the apartment. . . . 

That said, though, I only need one needle stopper, right?    I only need to keep the stitches on the needle when I'm not working on the shawl!  So, it still works out for the moment. 

Yarn bowl is from the amazing *Natural Knot Wood, and I've been singing the praises of it since I got it.  Sadly, Wayne of Natural Knot Wood has since passed away, which is a huge blow to the woodworking and fiber community -- he made the most amazing yarn bowls and spindles!  His shop is open until the current stock is gone, and then they will be closing down.

Well, despite the sad ending note, thanks for reading along with WIP Wed!  As always, I'd love to see what you folks are making!  Feel free to post your crafty links (with or without furry helpers!) in the comments!

Oh, and if you like what you see here, this pattern will be released as Patreon-Exclusive for my first five Patrons (as well as Patrons after that, of course!), as a huge 'thank you' for all their support!  But, there's more --  if you become a Patron now, you'll have the chance to have a say on the pattern before it's published, plus, you'll be guaranteed a spot as a test-knitter!  This pattern won't go live until I have my first five Patrons, so, join now to get a chance to have your say!

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

WIP Wednesday: Spring Leaves Market Bag and Yarn Thoughts!

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Well, welcome back to WIP Wed!    This WIP Wed is something a little bit different, since I'll be coupling it with a yarn review (and stay tuned for more post about this yarn, as well!)  The reason for this is that I'm a member of the LoveKnitting Flock, which is a group of bloggers who get various support from    And, this time, they sent me free yarn!  Don't worry, my musings are still completely my own, though!

So I'm trying out Rowan Creative Linen, in the colourway "Stormy.", and I'm doing so with my own   Spring Leaves Market Bag, which was a perfect fit with this yarn.  I'm through the base of the bag, and with a bit of luck, will finish the rest of the bag soon!
Lace knitting on a circular needle, done in navy blue yarn. The knitting and ball of working yarn is inside a wooden yarn bowl.  There is a small blue disk stitch marker clipped into the work.  A twisted skein of yarn is beside the yarn bowl.

The yarn is a blend of 50% Linen and 50% Cotton, and so far, I'm really enjoying it!   I was originally a little skeptical, since linen can be really harsh on the hands to knit, but this yarn, not at all.  The cotton gives it an amazing feel, and it doesn't dry out my hands nearly as much as some other cotton yarns have done.  I'm finding it has a bit of a tendency to split, but the only time that's been an issue is when I'm doing the increases for the base of the bag.  For the rest of the knitting, it hasn't been a problem at all!   

Winding the yarn was relatively painless; it comes in a twisted skein that you do have to wind, so you will want some way of winding it up into a ball, I just used my knees and a nostepinne, and that was fine!  I got a bit of a tangle near the end of my winding, but it was super-easy to untangle.  Usually if my yarn tangles while winding, it takes -forever- to untangle it.  This yarn untangled really quickly and easily, without pilling, so that was definitely a win!

Packaging and shipping was great, even internationally, the yarn came well packed and tucked into a small bag (that I've re-purposed as a project bag, of course!)  No delays with Canada Post or any trouble at customs, which is always nice on an international shipment.  So yes, LoveKnitting ships to Canada no problem, plus, they price in Canadian Dollars if you're shopping online.  No more guessing about the exchange rate! And, they do have a free shipping deal in Canada if you're looking to avoid shipping costs -- orders over $100 (Canadian Dollars) or more ship free. 

So, overall, yes, I'm really enjoying the yarn!  Once I finish and use the bag, I'll be able to comment on how well it wears, which is the one thing I don't know yet.  The yarn hasn't pilled at all yet, and it feels pretty sturdy, so I'm not expecting it to wear out for quite some time.  And so far, there's been no colour bleeding (even with the colour being as dark as it is), so no problems there, either!

My only real grumble with the yarn, (and this not a fault of the yarn at all, much more of a hint directed at yarn producers!) is that I'd love it if this were organic cotton.  I love pretty much everything about this yarn, it's just that I prefer organic cotton over conventional cotton wherever possible.   Finding a heavier-weight organic cotton/linen blend is quite a challenge, even on Ravelry!  So if someone (hint to yarn producers who might be reading!) made an organic cotton/linen blend that is as awesome as the Rowan Creative Linen, I would be in knitter's heaven!

As for the pattern, I'm working it on smaller needles then the pattern calls for.  The pattern calls for 6mm, but I've gone down to 4.5mm -- I want a bag that's a bit smaller and denser then the original pattern sample.  So, the needles are my *4.5 mm HiyaHiya circular needles., and I'm magic looping pretty much the entire pattern.  

Yarn bowl is from the amazing *Natural Knot Wood, and I've been singing the praises of it since I got it. Sadly, Wayne of Natural Knot Wood passed away in July, so the shop will only remain open long enough to deplete the remaining stock.  It's always a blow when someone in the creative community passes away.  I'm glad I got to know him, even if only a little, and I'm honoured to have a piece of his work. 

The little blue disk stitch marker is part of a set from *Fibremancy -- it's another set I got at the Barrie Fiber Festival, and I'm quite in love!  Again, this is one of Fibremancy's stitch markers that use an earring back rather then the standard lobster claw, and I quite like it!

So, I know this was a bit of a different WIP Wed, but I hope you folks enjoyed!  As always, I'd love to see what you folks have been up to this week -- feel free to post your projects and links in the comments! 

Until next week!

Friday, 7 September 2018

FO Friday: Woodland Hat

**This post contains affiliate links. Any link marked with an * may give me a reward or commission if you visit and/or purchase something using that link. And, if you do purchase from my affiliate links, thank you for supporting my yarn habit!**

Well, welcome back to FO Friday! I'm thrilled to show off another finished object (I'm really working on trying to clear all my WIPs, so this is a success for me)!  
A cabled hat knit in worsted-weight yarn.  The hat is blue, and the turned up ribbed brim is an off-white.  The hat is drying over a bowl, and resting on a towel.

This week, I finished the Woodland Hat! I mentioned finishing it in my Patreon behind-the-scenes, but, now, I've grabbed a photo and can share with the world (or, at least with this amazing corner of the internet)  And yes, its a sister pattern to the Woodland Mittens, so when the hat is released, I'll bundle it with the Mittens!

Please do forgive my elaborate blocking system;  that is, mixing bowl and towel!  It works quite well to block most hats!

Yarn is *Squoosh Fiber Arts Ultra Worsted in "Rock Candy" and "Mallowmar", both of which were *Eat.Sleep.Knit exclusive colourways from their Candyland Yarnathon in 2017.

I did a bit of hunting to see if the colours were still available, and it seems not.  A quick Ravelry Search doesn't turn up either "Rock Candy" or "Mallowmar" as 'for sale or trade', though you might get lucky in a destash group somewhere (or, try asking really, really nicely in the Eat.Sleep.Knit Ravelry Forum)

Mostly, I'm thrilled to have a finished object.  Weirdly enough, though my first sample didn't have any trouble in the blocking, this one blocked out as I expected . . . except my ribbing went quite loose!   I think I'll have to add a note to go down a needle size or two for the ribbing (the first sample didn't have any problems with the ribbing, which was why this caught me off guard!)   It's not a problem for me, personally, as the the looser ribbing will fit nicely over my bun, but I'll have to figure it out for getting the hat to sit right for final photography.

This is slated as the 4th Quarter release for the Pattern Muses on Patreon, so if you're a Patron, stay tuned for your copy of the test-knit draft coming soon, with the public test-knit call coming shortly after that!  And, if you want a guaranteed spot in the test-knitting process, you can become a Pattern Muse on Patreon and be guaranteed a spot in this and future quarterly test-knits!

Well, I'm glad to have this off the needles.  Now, I've just to got to finalize the pattern draft, so, off to do some writing today!   What crafty FO have you folks finished today!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

WIP Wednesday: More on the Anghymesur Shawl

**This post contains affiliate links. Any link marked with an * may give me a reward or commission if you visit and/or purchase something using that link. And, if you do purchase from my affiliate links, thank you for supporting my yarn habit!**

Welcome back to WIP Wednesday! So I'm thrilled to show off further progress on the Angymesur Shawl!  For those who don't follow my social media, my laptop is basically dead.  I've managed to get the files off and it works intermittently. . . but it's getting harder and harder to pull it back after it crashes.  I've got a new laptop coming in the mail today (it's actually 'out for delivery' right now, according to the tracking, which is exciting), but, work still has to get done in the interim.
 A lace shawl held live on the needles.  The shawl is knit in a gradient from purple to yellow-green.  Both the yarn cake and the end of the shawl are tucked into a wooden yarn bowl.  The shawl has a number of stitch markers looped around the needle.
Anyway, the Angymesur shawl is what I've been working on whenever my laptop crashes, and the endless cycles of Safe Mode and Repair Software while it tries to reboot. I've been almost frighteningly productive, I think! (Plus it's good to have something concrete to work on when you're arguing with your computer.  It keeps you from smashing said computer in frustration).

This pattern will be available as a  Patreon-Exclusive for my first five Patrons (as well as folks after that, of course!), as a huge 'thank you' for all their support!

So, more about the process, inspiration, and so on!  The stitch pattern is based off of the amazing work of Naomi Parkhurst, and her encoding of words into lace.

Yarn is Dragon Strings Phoenix Wings Gradient in "Dark Crystal". I got it at the Woodstock Fleece Festival last year. and this seemed like the perfect project to use it in! While I love gradient sock yarn, it's a challenge to work with, because I prefer my socks to match!  This, on the other hand, is working up wonderfully as a shawl!

Needles are a pair of what I think are very old Aero Needles. They're listed as '11' on the needle end, but my needle gauge gives them as 3mm needles.  That means that they're likely  sized in Canadian/UK sizes. (Yes, that's a thing!) And yes, they're bent. They're old.   They're quite long for straight needles, and I have, in fact, knit an entire shawl on them before.  But. . . the shawl is wide enough now that there's a pretty big chance of it slipping off the needle tip.  Enter: needle stoppers I got from the 2017 Toronto Knitter's Frolic Spring Social!  They were in our grab bag of awesome stuff, but I haven't had call to use them before now!  (ok, I could have used them in place of the elastics on the Woodland Hat, but I only have two of the needle stoppers.  I still would have needed elastics!)

Yarn bowl is from the amazing *Natural Knot Wood, and I've been singing the praises of it since I got it. Sadly, the artist behind Natural Knot Wood has passed away, so now I'm treasuring this yarn bowl even more, knowing I can never get another one like it. I was shocked to see the posts on Etsy and Social Media saying that he had passed away -- while we'd never met in person, I really enjoyed the brief chats we had online. 

The *silver rose stitch markers that you can see in both pictures are from *Efficient Sense's Etsy Store -- you can see that the set gets a lot of use! The *Celtic Knot Stitch Markers are from the same store, too!  And the small little white stitch marker on the earring back is from *Fibremancy -- I got it at the Barrie Fiber Festival!

Well, thanks for your patience with me as I transition to a new computer -- I hope this post isn't too clumsy (I wrote it on my tablet, which doesn't have the best interface for blogging!) 

As always, I'd love to hear and see what you folks are making! Please, feel free to post your crafty projects in the blog comments, so I can be amazed by your awesome work! Until next week!

P.S. So, happily, I finished this post from a shiny new laptop! 

Saturday, 1 September 2018

September Featured Pattern and KAL: Spring Leaves Market Bag

We're just starting to get into Autumn here in Canada, it seems.   You can feel the coolness in the evenings now (which is, in fact, most welcome!)

And what better way to get into Autumn then a Market Bag to carry home the harvest bounty from the local Farmer's Market!

So, for the month of September, the Spring Leaves Market Bag is now 50% off at $2.75 CAD. (Regular Price, $5.50 CAD).
A cream-coloured mesh bag with a drawstring. The drawstring is pulled closed and has been tied into a bow.
Photography: Stephanie Wallace
$2.75 CAD
Although this market bag was designed with the theme of 'Spring Awakening,' it also suits perfectly for Autumn, too! It's the perfect bag to carry your fruits and vegetables at a local Farmer's Market!

The bag starts with a pinhole cast on. Increases are worked into a leaf lace pattern to form the base of the bag. The leaf lace transitions to a lace mesh, and finishes with a garter stitch edging. A twisted cord allows for easy carrying and helps to keep the bag tied shut!

The sample was knit in FibraNatura Good Earth Solids, a worsted/aran blend of 53% cotton and 47% flax. The flax content makes the yarn quite durable, so if substituting yarns, I’d suggest a cotton/flax or cotton/hemp blend.The instructions are written, and the lace pattern is both charted and written. The pattern and has been tested and tech-edited as well.

You can buy the pattern through Ravelry or Etsy, the discount is available on both platforms. The discount should be applied automatically on Ravelry, and be visible on Etsy. As always, let me know if something doesn't work!

Now as usual, onto the Mini-KAL!

For the month of September, any finished Spring Leaves Market Bag has a chance to win a pattern from any of my self-published patterns! To enter on the blog, simply post a link to your completed Spring Leaves Market Bag in the comments of this post by September 30, 2018. Please note that the socks have to have been started in September, just finished in September!

You can also win by posting to the giveaway on Facebook, my Ravelry Group, and on Instagram, giving 4 chances to win in total!**

I always look forward to seeing your Finished Objects! Please post them to various social media with #SarahDawnsDesigns, and/or to my Ravelry Group if you're on Ravelry. That way, I can see the awesome that you folks make!

**One entry per person for each project per platform (four possible entries total for each completed project). Winners will be drawn at random using random number generation. Winners must have a valid e-mail address to receive the patterns. Participants may enter the same project on more then one platform, but may only enter each project once per platform.