Monday, 13 June 2016

Two More Questions for my Readers:

Hello again!

Pretty short update this week:  I've been coalescing my questions to my readers into a thread on Ravelry, and, so, there are a few more questions for you, my readers.

I do want to point out that please, please don't feel obligated to answer these -- answer as much or as little as you like (and honestly, I have no way to know if you just are completely ignoring me, so don't worry about that!)

It does occur to me, though, that perhaps this post should be titled 'Two more -sets- of questions', since each is a two-part question.   And the second question is split between knitters/crocheters and designers, so, feel free to answer either one, both, or none, as your situation warrants.


1) What is your favorite thing about knitting/crocheting? Alternately, what part of the knitting/crocheting process do you like the least?

2) For Knitters: What do you consider when you are choosing a pattern? For designers: What is your biggest consideration when writing up a pattern?

Thank you for the feedback so far, and I hope to hear more from people soon!