Wednesday, 27 March 2019

WIP Wednesday: Marianna Shawl -- Yarn Chicken with the Edging!

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Well, it's WIP Wed!  And that means, more progress on the Marianna Shawl!

I'm now halfway along the edging!  I've figured out the corners, it seems (though I've also learned 
A shawl on the needles sitting on a laptop keyboard.  The needles are through a small yarn ball.
that dropping a stitch at the border of the edging is a pain-in-the-behind!)   The short rows work out well, actually, much to my initial worry.

Thing is, I'm worried about running out of yarn.   I'm halfway around the edging, and I'm really worried I won't have enough.  Yarn is *Knit Picks Gloss Lace in the now-discontinued colourway "Marina", and I got it in 2014.  So there's no chance of getting a new skein. 

The yarn ball is on my laptop for scale, and as you can hopefully see, it's really not that much yarn left. 
That said, there are a few folks on Ravelry who have this colour listed as 'will trade or sell', so if I really get stuck, I can send some emergency Ravmails.  If it's not the same dye lot, I should be able to get away with alternating skeins. 

It's a short update this WIP Wed -- while I've done a lot of knitting, really, it's about trying to finish this border!  I've been knitting while watching the *Teachable "Women who Create" Summit.   It started the on 26th, but runs to the 28th, so there's still time to *register, if you're interested.  It's all about women who've created their online business with online courses, and it's been quite fascinating so far.  You'll be able to catch the replays, if you like!

Anyway, wish me luck with my Yarn Chicken, and I'll see you back here for next week's WIP Wed!  Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

WIP Wednesday: Marianna Shawl -- On the Corners!

A shawl with a knitted-on leaf lace edging in progress. The edgiing is laying flat, and has been shaped by short rows to be at an angle to the body of the shawl. Numerous stitch-marker charms are clipped into the work.
**This post contains affiliate links. Any link marked with an * may give me a reward or commission  if you visit and/or purchase something using that link. And, if you do purchase from my affiliate links, thank you for supporting my yarn habit!**

For this week's WIP Wed post, I'm working on the first full corner of the Marianna Shawl! (I started the edging at a corner, so that's a little bit different.)

So I've done one full side of the square now, and am working on turning the first corner.  

Line Art Diagram of knitted on edging.  Two rectangles arraigned as two sides of a square, both labeled: edging   Where the rectangles meet to form a corner is highlighted in blue Here's the thing.  For this style of edging, where the edging is knit flat and joined to the shawl. . . well, it poses problems at corners.  It works just fine as an edging for tubes or flat edges, but when you get into circles or squares, it won't work so well without getting a bit inventive.  

Hence, short-rows come into play!

It's a bit hard to explain, but, basically, to make the knitted border lay flat along the corners, you add in short rows -- shown in the (very simple!) diagram as marked in blue.  So, when I'm turning the corner, I work short rows to add extra rows to the outer edge of the edging, so that it will lay flat at the corner. 

So, far, so good!  I'm just hoping it lies flat-enough, because I don't think I could put more short-rows in!

Yarn is *Knit Picks Gloss Lace in the now-discontinued colourway "Marina".  I'm a good bit into my third skein now, and I'll definitely have enough to finish (which was my worry originally). It knits up quite well.  I was worried about the possibility of it pulling, but so far, it really hasn't, which is great!

The various and sundry stitch markers all come from *WinemakersSister's Etsy Store.  They've been incredibly useful in marking my place, and the ones on the edging itself are marking the various short-row wraps. 

Well, that's it for this week!  And just a quick reminder -- if you'd like access to the draft charts, notes, and even more behind-the-scenes, you can get access to them over on Patreon -- so please, check it out!

 Stay tuned for further updates, and thanks for reading this week's WIP Wed!  Happy Crafting, folks!

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

WIP Wednesday: Marianna Shawl Edging

**This post contains affiliate links. Any link marked with an * may give me a reward or commission if you visit and/or purchase something using that link. And, if you do purchase from my affiliate links, thank you for supporting my yarn habit!**

For this week's WIP Wed post, I'm finally to the edging of the Marianna Shawl!

someone holding a knit lace leaf pattern flat across their hand.  The lace is knit flat, and joined to the body of a larger shawl.
I've been charting and working on it over on Twitch, as well as off stream.   It's coming together slowly, as is to be expected with something that's 580 stitches around!  The photo isn't quite true-to-colour (blame a really grey sky today), but it hopefully shows the edging well!   True colour is more of a blue-green, and you can see it better in some of the previous posts

I'm still hoping for a late May release, depending on how long it takes for me to finish the cast off, and how long it needs for testing.  

Yarn is skein two of three of my stash *Knit Picks Gloss Lace in "Marina", -- 70% Merino, 30% silk.  The colour is (sadly) discontinued, but the yarn is still available! 

I actually managed to finish the shawl with skein two, but with only a tiny bit left.  I'll probably be joining in skein three tomorrow, but I should have more then enough yarn left over. 

Needles are 3.5 mm 16-inch circulars, and surprisingly, the stitches all fit!  I was worried I'd have to transfer to a bigger circular, but, no, I didn't! 

And yes, this WIP Wed went up with only half-an-hour to spare on Wed.  But it totally counts, right?  You can blame that on some schedule changes (same reason my stream times are changing), and it's going to take me a bit to adjust!

Well, that's it for this week's post!  Thanks for your patience with my late post.

I'd love to see what you're working on this Wed (well, really, whenever you see this blog post!)  please, feel free to post links to your projects in the comments, so I can see all the amazing things. Also, if you're working on one of my patterns, tag it as #sarahdawnsdesignsso I can find you on Social Media!

Until next week, and Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

WIP Wednesday: Montego Shawl, Chart 5!

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Well, I'm continuing work on my Montego Shawl!  For those didn't see last week's post, it's a very old WIP from 2014 that I'm trying to get off my needles. I'm currently working through Chart 5, with only Chart 6 to go (Chart 6 is the edging with beads).

A blue lace shawl live on the needles  The shawl is spread out to show various lace panels and patterns.  A stitch marker with a shell charm is clipped into the knitting.

Pattern is Montego by Cheri McEwen, and it's knitting up wonderfully! The pattern is very large, because it has instructions for a number of different shapes, but I promise, it's worth it!  The set up took a bit of figuring out at the time (depending on the shape you choose, some charts are mirrored and some are not), but once I figured it out it worked out very well.

Yarn is the now-discontinued *Claudia Handpainted Yarns Silk Lace in "Baby Boy"  Since it's 100% silk, it's gorgeous to work with, but you can see the distortions in my tension, since silk is rather unforgiving in such matters.  This will definitely need to be blocked, and the beads on chart 6 means that my usual steam-blocking method isn't an option. I'll have to figure that one out (and no, I haven't made the final decision on what beads I want to use yet!)

Needles are my Addi 3.75 mm needles.  I'm actually thrilled I have them -- they work really well with the slippery 100% silk.  But the nickel plating is still leaving a weird smell (even after years of use).  I notice it more as the needles warm up.  These are my only plated needles so I have no idea if this is normal.  I haven't heard any accounts of this on the internet, but admittedly, I haven't looked too hard. 

The stitch marker you can see is a set of *Ocean Shells from *WineMakersSister Etsy Shop. It clips nicely into the work.  I don't have it on the needle, because it was causing some laddering (you can see a few spots where that's an issue), so clipping it into the centre spine stitch worked out a lot better!

Anyway, I think that's it for this week's WIP Wed update! Hope folks are staying warm in what I hope is the last cold blast before spring! I'd love to see what you folks are making, be they warm knits for the cold, or light knits for the onset of spring!  Post your work in the comments, or, use the hashtag  #sarahdawnsdesigns so I can find you on Social Media!

Sunday, 3 March 2019

March Featured Pattern and KAL: Garden Lace Socks

Well, it's March! And it is finally starting to warm up a little -- I'm finding myself thinking about what plants to start for our garden! So it was an easy choice as to what pattern to feature!

The Garden Lace Socks pattern is now 50% off at $2.75 CAD. (Regular Price, $5.50 CAD). until the end of March!
Someone wearing a pair of green socks. They have a lace leaf pattern along the leg and top of the foot.

$2.75 CAD
These socks are knit cuff-down, with a standard heel flap and grafted toe. While the sample was knit on dpns, the pattern is written to be knitted using any circular knitting method. The lace motif is both written and charted. Instructions are given for two sizes.The sample was knitted with (now discontinued) Fleece Artist BFL Sock, in "Jade" which is 80% Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) and 20% Nylon. Any fingering weight nylon/wool or nylon/merino blend should substitute nicely.

The pattern has been test-knit and tech-edited, and is both charted and written.

You can buy the pattern through Ravelry or Etsy, the discount is available on both platforms. The discount should be applied automatically on Ravelry, and be visible on Etsy. As always, let me know if something doesn't work!

Now, onto the Mini-KAL!

For the month of March, any finished pair of Garden Lace Socks can be entered to  win a pattern from any of my self-published patterns! To enter on the blog, simply post a link to your completed Garden Lace Socks  in the comments of this post by March 31, 2019. Please note that the socks don't  have to have to have been started in March, just finished in March!

You can also win by posting to the giveaway on Facebook, my Ravelry Group, and on Instagram, giving 4 chances to win in total!**

I always look forward to seeing your Finished Objects! Please post them to various social media with #SarahDawnsDesigns, and/or to my Ravelry Group if you're on Ravelry. That way, I can see the awesome that you folks make!

**One entry per person for each project per platform (four possible entries total for each completed project). Winners will be drawn at random using random number generation. Winners must have a valid e-mail address to receive the patterns. Participants may enter the same project on more then one platform, but may only enter each project once per platform.