Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Mitered Bag KAL Reminder!

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted as much recently, I know.   Sometimes I think the holiday season is the universe's effort to syphon time away, because it always seems to get unimaginably busy.  I'm now wondering if it's the same phenomenon that causes the dryer to create mis-matched sock pairs?    However, despite the universe's efforts, I'm still here, still alive, and still frantically knitting Christmas gifts.  Hopefully I can finish before December 24th.  Last year I had to deliver a few things on New Years, which I'm hoping not to do this year.

So, as an attempt to procrastinate on the pile of Christmas gift knitting, I wanted to write this post and remind people that the KAL for my Mitered Drawstring Bag is still running, and will continue until Dec 31, 2016.  The discount is valid until then also, so don't worry about being a late-comer; late-comers are quite welcome!

A picture of the Mitered Drawstring Bag.  It has a striped garter-stitch top with a twisted cord. Half in the bag is a skein of yarn.

For more details, or to sign up, feel free to check the Ravelry Thread, here.  Right now, there are no KAL finishers, so you've still got a pretty good shot at wining the two prizes!  And the Bag itself could make a very good gift for other knitters as a project bag, or anyone who could use a drawstring bag to carry small objects around (dice, I'm thinking of you)!

Anyway, hope to see you in my Ravelry Group, and please comment here or on the Ravelry thread if you have any questions!

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