WIP Wednesday: Christmas Knitting!

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 Welcome back to WIP Wednesday! So apparently I'm on a roll with new cast ons - this one is Christmas Knitting!   I don't think my recipient reads the blog, so I should be good on this front - but they also dropped some very unsubtle hints about what they wanted, so, they're not going to be superbly surprised, and I'm not superbly worried if this gets 'spoiled' for them via social media.  They picked the yarn and gave me the design idea, after all!

This is the start of a Cabled Tam, using, in part, the same Cable Pattern as the MacAskill Scarf and the Beech Tree Jacket.  What you're seeing is just the start of the brim, as, since I'm playing Yarn Chicken, I made the ribbing quite short, at only 0.5 inches (2.5 cm). 

1 by 1 ribbing knit in fingering-weight varegated green yarn; on a circular needle with several stitch markers.

And, speaking of yarn, the yarn is Fleece Artist's 2/6 Merino in "Spruce", which is now discontinued - actually, this is yarn that's getting frogged from a hat made early in my knitting days! 

I made the previous hat before I really understood how things fit, so it didn't fit as well as it could.  My giftee loves the yarn colours, though, so, I figured I could try and re-make make a new hat that fits her properly.  Now that I'm in this, I'm not 100% sure that this was the best choice, the cables aren't showing as well as I would like, but that might be a 'yet.'  The hat I'm unravelling was also cabled and knit at almost identical tension, and the cables showed up just fine there, so I'll give it a few more rounds before I make another decision. 

Needles are my *Knit Picks Nickle-plated 2.25 mm circulars.  They've been great for this, the cord is flexible enough to let me do travelling loop on the ribbing, and that means I don't have to hunt about for a pair of double-points once I start decreasing for the crown!  

And, this is another one with a lot of stitch markers!  My beginning/end of round is an *Ocean Shell Stitch Marker from *WineMakersSister's Etsy Shop, while the stitch markers between repeats are more of the *Silver Rose Stitch Markers from *NotionsEmporium.

 So, yes, I've added yet another WIP to the pile, though this, being Christmas Knitting, sort of needs to get done! That said, it's still the usual WIP Wed question:  what are you working on today?  Let us know in the comments, or post it in the Works In Progress channel on Discord!