WIP Wednesday: The Start of a Hooded Jacket?

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 Welcome back to WIP Wednesday!  After finishing the Commission Mittens (yes, I finished the second one, now they just have to be washed and they can go out to my customer!),  I've started in on a new project - this one, inspired by an upcoming Magazine Call for Submissions.   So I get to be a bit oblique about it until I know if it's going to be accepted or not.  (Some magazines don't like it if I've blogged about the project before hand, some don't care, and some are superbly strict!)

a large cable-knit panel in progress, laying flat.

That said, this is part of why I try and respond to as many magazine calls as possible - they provide inspiration and push me out of my comfort zone to try something new, even if I am rejected (and there are A Lot of rejections.  I've heard comments suggesting that some companies and magazines get over 100 submissions per issue - they could never publish them all!)

Yarn is Blacker Yarns WestCountry Tweed, which I (amazingly) got for free as part of someone's destash!   Sadly, it's now discontinued; but I'm really enjoying working with it, regardless. It's not as buttery-soft as some of the merino blends  - it's clearly more of a 'workhorse' style yarn, but it should work up well  for what I'm testing it with!

Needles are inherited 3.5 mm Aero straight needles, and, though they're quite old, they're working up well for this project!

The *Silver Rose markers are from *NotionsEmporium, while the *Sea Glass Stitch Markers are from *WineMakersSister's Etsy Shop.  They're being used to mark out different cable patterns and working out perfectly.  I  specifically like that the Sea Glass markers are wielded closed - no edges of a jump ring to catch on the yarn!

Well, that's my current WIP, so it's the usual  WIP Wed question:  what are you working on today?  Let us know in the comments, or post it in the Works In Progress channel on Discord!