FO Friday: One Half of a Finished Pair of Mittens!

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Alright, I'm back with FO Friday, and this one. . . . well, it might be a bit of a cheat, but I don't really care, I'm just glad to have it off the needles! 

This is a pair of commission mittens, using the Spiralling Star Fingerless Mittens Pattern.  Honestly, this is another commission that has been languishing for a while,  so I'm happy these are getting closer to done so I can get them out to my customer! 

a purple fingerless mitten with a spiralling star texture along the cuff and hand

Yarn is a cobweb weight 100% recycled cashmere from *The Frogger Niagara and it's glorious, but oh-so-fragile, I ended up holding it quadruple to make it work, both for tension and for it not snapping!  (I originally planned to hold it doubled, but didn't realize just how fine it is, and quadrupled just makes things -so- much easier, even if I'm now playing a bit of yarn chicken!)  That said, it's very fine, rather fragile, but it's absolutely beautiful. I'd get it again in a heartbeat, I adore the idea of reclaiming yarn from sweaters (not something I personally have the patience for, for the most part!), and now that I know it's this fragile, I know how to work with it.

 Needles are my *2.75 mm fixed  Knit Picks Circular needles, and, for the most part, they've worked really well  for this pattern.   I did find that the yarn, being super-fine, would sometimes snag at the join between the cord and the needle tip - but that wasn't any big deal, a little nudge and a bit of prodding and the yarn would start moving again no problem. 

Once I get these done, they'll go into a very gentle hand-wash (I already let my customer know that these are hand wash / dry clean only, because I can tell that these can felt easily).  Where the yarn has snapped, I'm not worried about it coming apart, because the yarn is sticky enough it's already holding in the ends.  Then they can go out to their home!

What have you finished this week?   Let us know in the comments or on the discord