WIP Wednesday: Commission Legwarmers Adventures in Sizing!

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 Welcome back to WIP Wednesday! The Commissioned Legwarmers ran into some snags, but I'm finally (with the gracious patience of my customer!)  back on track. 

lace knitting on a straight needle.  The lace is knit in a gradient running from blue, through green, to yellow.

In the last post I did about these, I mentioned how I'm modifying the sizing,  as I realized the pattern sizing for the larger sizes isn't where it should be?  Uh, yeah, well, that didn't work so well the first time around.  So there was much frogging, swearing,, and tears.    But I've finally got it sorted now (yeay!) and one legwarmer is done, the second is in progress and over half-way done, so I'm really hoping I can get these off the needles, get the zipper sewn in, and get these out to their new home very very soon!

Yarn is *Knit Picks Stroll Gradient in "FOMO",   At the time of this blog post (late December 2022), it's on clearance sale and there's only a few colours left, but FOMO is one of them - the colours really are quite neon, and while it's not a colourway I would have chosen for myself, I've grown more and more in love with it the more I've worked on these!

Needles are some inherited Aero straight needles - I know they must be old, as they have the old UK sizing on them!  But they do the job just fine, and I actually really quite like them!

Stitch markers are *Sea Glass Stitch Markers from *WineMakersSister's Etsy shop.  I really like these stitch markers, because they're actually solid metal rings - there's no teeny gap in the jump rings for the yarn to get caught on, which is very, very nice. 

Anyway, what are you working on today?  Let me know in the comments, or post it in the Works In Progress channel on Discord!