WIP Wednesday, and a new Backpack Sample!

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Well, I've started something new for WIP Wednesday, and it's something I've never tried before - a Backpack! 

someone knitting on wooden-tipped circular needles, using a pale blue and white fingering-weight yarn.
The idea came from polling some of my Patrons, and I thought, sure, why not, lets give this a try!  It was a perfect project
to take to my D&D games, as the bottom of the backpack is very easy to memorize - it's just a matter of increasing at each marker every other round (and yes, for the bottom of the pack, the yarn is held double).   And even the lace pattern for the main body of the backpack is pretty easy to remember - I'm working on it as I watch the presentations for the Crochet Business Summit, and so far, haven't had any problems beyond having to make sure I'm twisting my cables the right way!

Yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts PureWash Fingering, in a one-of-a-kind colourway called "Cloudy"  I wasn't sure how it would knit up at first, but yep, it's working up just fine - I was worried it might be a touch busy, but so far so good!

Needles are my 4mm *Lykke Interchangable needles.   When I was working my Mosaic Hat sample, I thought these didn't really suit fingering-weight yarn, but maybe it was just the specific yarn I was using, since now, I'm not having nearly the problems I had before.   I do still find the tips shorter then I would like, though - but that's just personal preference, I  think, as I tend to like longer-tipped circular needles. 

Stitch markers are a *Sea Glass Set from *WineMakersSister's Etsy Shop, and they're working up wonderfully.  I love that this particular set are actually welded, so there's absolutely no snags in the jump-rings for your yarn to catch on!  One slight downside?  This pattern threads some scrap yarn through the stitches to mark where you'll be picking up for the bottom of some pockets - and I had to be careful not to thread through the ring of the stitch marker, since the only way to get that out would be to pull out the scrap yarn and thread it through again!  But that's just me not paying proper attention!

I've been working on this bag using my new studio setup over on Twitch,  so, if you want to see, I'd love to have you come say hello!