Wednesday, 10 November 2021

WIP Wednesday: Mosaic Knit Hat. . . . again.

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Welcome back to WIP Wednesday.  Remember how I said I'd already had to frog the Mosaic Hat once?  Yeah, I had to do that again. Twice.  /sigh/ So now I'm. . . almost exactly where I was last week.  

The brim of a hat on circular needles, knit in two-colour ribbing with grey and blue fingering-weight yarn.

The ribbing is 2 colour fishermans rib, which, while a stitch that I very much love, is a -very- different tension then the mosaic-knit main body of the hat. So it was either: jump down several needle sizes, (which I could do), or, do an absolutely absurd increase round.   Since I'm personally the sort of knitter who doesn't like having to find more then one needle size for a project, I went with option number two, which sees the amount of stitches on the needle more than double in a single round! (That was interesting to figure out, believe me!)  After two different tries of trying to get the increase count working right, I finally got it this time! (I'll have to re-math it for the other sizes when I get to my grading, but that's a problem I can foist off on Future Me). 

The yarn is deep stash.  It's from a now-defunct dyer; and it's a high-twist 100% Merino Wool. You'd think it would be super durable, but sadly, no.  There's a number of places where I've been able to snap the wool, which is, honestly, really disappointing, because I've tried other high-twist yarns and loved them!  If they were still in business, I'd be contacting them with a quality control issue, sadly.   Initially, I thought it was just some of the skeins getting a section sliced/nicked in shipping/packaging, but no, it's a bigger problem then that, unfortunately.

I'll definitely be doing a second sample of this somewhere down the line, to see how it works in a different yarn.  

This does  mean, however, since I don't want to waste the yarn, I've got a whole bunch of ends of the different parts of the skein that I'm going to have to weave in!   But I don't actually mind weaving in ends too much, I just put on a podcast or something on Netflix, and it goes pretty quickly. (And yes, I'm a huge podcast listener, my current binge is Queer Theology, and I'm trying to catch up on back episodes!  It's not to everyone's interest,  but I find it absolutely fascinating!). 

Needles are my 4mm *Lykke Interchangable needles.  Honestly, I wouldn't use these on fingering yarn again. . The tips are just a bit duller compared to my *HiyaHiyas, and I'm noticing that.   They'd be fine for worsted and up, though!   The other problem I'm having is that the interchangable tips are too short for me to be super-comfortable.  Lykke does offer a *5 inch needle tip that I might try;  but I'll probably just stick with the *fixed circulars instead of the interchangables if/when I need to buy more needles

And yes, there are still many, many stitch markers.  I dropped the number of repeats from 11 to 9, and the hat should still work out fine.   But, yep, I still needed them, it was still too easy to mess up  a repeat!  My beginning/end of round stitch marker is a *shell stitch marker from *WineMakersSister's Etsy Shop , while my repeat markers are *Silver Roses, *Celtic Knots, and *Silver Flowers  from *NotionsEmporium.  

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