Wednesday, 3 November 2021

WIP Wednesday: Mosaic Knit Hat!

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the brim of a hat on circular needles.   It's knit in two-colour ribbing. in grey and royal blue.  Various stitch markers with charms are sitting on the needle.

Welcome back to WIP Wednesday, and a new project! I've technically had this hat on the needles for a while, but it had to be frogged, as the sample was -way- too big. 

This is a mosaic knit hat, originally inspired by the Pattern Muses over on Patreon (and patrons will get fun stuff like access to the rough drafts and a guaranteed spot in the test-knitting!) 

The ribbing is 2 colour fishermans rib, which is -very- similar to brioche.  I'm not sure this was the best choice for 2 colour ribbing, but the first time I tried  this, carrying the yarn behind traditional ribbing caused a very non-stretchy ribbing; so I'm hoping this is a better choice, even if it's still not as compact as traditional one-colour ribbing.  I will have to see!

The yarn is deep stash.  It's from a now-defunct dyer; and it's a high-twist 100% Merino Wool. So it should be super durable?  I'm not sure, I've had several broken strands and weak points in this yarn.  If the dyer were still in business, I'd be contacting them for issues with their skeins.  But, when it doesn't have the broken strands or weak points, I can feel the difference between this and a standard Merino/Nylon sock yarn, and I do like it!  It's a subtle difference, and hard to describe, but it's there. 

Needles are my 4mm *Lykke Interchangable needles.  And for the most part, they're solid needles.  I like the feel of the wood.  They don't have the super-sharp points of some of the metal needles, but for this sort of knitting?  They're perfectly fine; with two big 'buts'.  

One:   I unscrew most interchangeable needles as I knit.  I asked someone to help me tighten these, and they really went at it.  I don't unscrew these now, but I also -can't- unscrew these now!  So functionally, these are a pair of fixed circulars now!  But usually, I tend to unscrew interchangeable needle tips, which makes them not worth it for me. 

Two:  The needle tips are only 3.5 inches.  They're uncomfortably short.  For some people this is a non-issue, but for me?  They're uncomfortably short. Lykke does offer a *5 inch needle tip that I might try;  but honestly, given point one, I'll probably just stick with fixed circulars (which Lykke does offer as well!)

Finally, the many stitch markers!  This hat size is 11 repeats of the mosaic colourwork, and I found that yes, I do need to mark the repeats.  I was missing them and messing up the pattern!   So, my beginning/end of round stitch marker is a *shell stitch marker from *WineMakersSister's Etsy Shop (the small purl has finally come loose, sadly, but I still love it!), while my repeat markers are *Silver Roses and *Silver Flowers  from *NotionsEmporium.  In this case, I'm not using them as locking markers -- I don't have to, the lobster clasps are big enough to slip nicely along the needles and the cord.  

Do you have a project you're frogging/fixing/redoing? I'd love to see your success stories in the comments!  

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