Wednesday, 24 November 2021

WIP Wednesday: More Hat Knitting!

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Welcome back to WIP Wednesday.  And the Mosaic Hat is further along!  Yeay! (I've been actually neglecting this somewhat due to some swatches and samples for magazines, but I've still gotten a few more rows done!) 

A colourwork hat on circular needles, knit in blue and grey.  Silver flower stitch markers are clipped into the stitches.
Alright, so I've -finally- got the hat doing what I want in terms of tension.   I have one repeat of the mosaic colourwork pattern, then, I turn back with a purl row (not required, I just like the look), and start mathing out the decreases for the crown of the hat.   I want the decreases to stay in pattern with the colourwork, so that will definitely need some playing around with the pattern!

The yarn is deep stash.  It's from a  dyer who's since gone out of business, and it's a high-twist 100% Merino Wool, and honestly, it's a bit sad. There's a number of places where I've been able to snap the wool, which does not bode well for a high-twist wool.  If they were still in business, I'd be contacting them with a quality control issue, sadly.   Since I don't like wasting yarn, I've been using the various shorter pieces and joining them in as needed  - there's going to be a whole bunch of ends to weave in on this one! 

I'll definitely be doing a second sample of this somewhere down the line, to see how it works in a different yarn.  

Needles are my 4mm *Lykke Interchangable needles.  I bought them on a splurge a few years ago and, honestly, while I don't hate them, I wouldn't use these on fingering yarn again. . The tips are just a bit duller compared to my *HiyaHiyas, and really noticing that as I knit.   I  suspect they'd be fine for worsted and up, though!   The other problem I'm having is that the interchangable tips are too short for me.  I have the same problem with 9 inch circulars - I just don't find the short needle tips comfortable, at all!  I mean, I'll use them, since I own them, but I'm not going to be buying more.   Lykke does offer a *5 inch needle tip that I might try;  but I'll probably just stick with the *fixed circulars instead.

And yes, there are still many, many stitch markers and yes, knitting on this during my langauge class proved that I still, in fact, need them so I don't mess up the repeats!  

 My beginning/end of round stitch marker is a *shell stitch marker from *WineMakersSister's Etsy Shop , while my repeat markers are *Silver Roses*Celtic Knots, and *Silver Flowers  from *NotionsEmporium.  

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