Wednesday, 24 March 2021

WIP Wednesday: Statement Cable Scarf

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Welcome back to WIP Wednesday, and the big sample-knitting project is done!  So it's on to new samples, and these are samples I can show you!
A pink scarf in bulky weight yarn.  It has one centre cable on a background of garter stitch.

This is the upcoming Statement Scarf (name isn't finalized yet, it might stick or not!)  It will be published as part of the Malabrigo Quickies program (a bunch of quick-knit projects done up in Malabrigo Yarn!)

Yarn is some beautiful *Malabrigo Mecha, that was sent to me from the amazing folks at Malabrigo!  The colourway is "English Rose", and I'm really happy with  how this scarf is turning out!  Originally, I'd planned for it to be a touch wider, but I'm adjusting based on the amount of yarn I got (total math error on my part!), and I'm quite happy with it!   The only minor thing is that it is hand-dyed, so you want to alternate skeins as you get near the end of the first skeins, just so the difference between skeins isn't as obvious.

Needles are my 7 mm Wooden needles from Turn of the Century  They're usually in my Twitch Blanket, but they were the needles that I got the tension I wanted on them, so, I'm trying to power through the scarf so I can get back to work on the blanket!

The *Sea Glass Stitch Markers for the Cable Section are from *WineMakersSister's Etsy Shop, while the *Dolphin Stitch Marker that I'm using to mark where I'm alternating yarn is from *NotionsEmporium (previously known as efficientsense's Etsy shop).  The *Sea Glass Stitch markers are great for being completely no-snag (the rings are soldered shut, so there's absolutely no gap for yarn to potentially get caught in!)  And the lobster claw for the *dolphin stitch marker is perfect for marking where I'm alternating yarns!   I'm alternating yarns two stitches in on the garter stitch, so  that the edge stays neat. 

I've had a few nice days to go and knit out on our balcony, and this scarf has come with me!   Have you cast on anything new this spring?

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