Wednesday, 13 November 2019

WIP Wednesday: Twitch Community Blanket!

Welcome back to WIP Wed! I've finished up a few things, so, this week, I'm showing off my Twitch Community Blanket!  If you've ever heard my talk about Subscriber Squares on my Twitch Stream, this is what I'm talking about!

 A blanket made of mitered squares, with names embroidered on each square. One square is in progress on a set of wooden needles.
Yarn is various colours of Briggs and Little Atlantic, picked by subscribers to my Twitch channel -- and then I embroider their names on the blanket square!  So far, it's been a fun project (even if I am a bit behind!)

Pattern is a very basic mitered square blanket setup (you can find basic instructions here) that I've altered to do what I specifically want it to do,  I'm also adding edging and eventually an I-chord border -- and the colours of the edging and border are and will be chosen by the folks who donate bits over on my Twitch Channel

Needles are my 7 mm Turn of the Century Wooden Needles.  They're long straights, so they're a bit unwieldy for working on the camera, but I love them anyway. 

Eventually, this blanket will be double-sided. . . and even further in the future, the blanket will be finished and put up in a huge Twitch Giveaway!  Yes, when it is done, it will go out to one lucky person in my Twitch Community!

Want to see this blanket being made live?  Check out my Twitch Channel at 10:30 am (Eastern Time), every Friday!  

And I admit, with temps hitting -20 C this morning, I'm looking forward to working on this blanket again on Friday (I primarily work on it on stream, so folks can see their squares being made!)  So it's great to have a nice squishy wool blanket on my lap!    What are you folks working on -- feel free to show off in the comments! 

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