FO Friday: Trellis FIngerless Mittens

Well, for this FO Friday, the Garden Trellis Mitts are also done! These have been done for a bit, I just haven't had the chance to show them to you yet!

Two crochet fingerless mittens laying on top of each other.  They are worked in fingering-weight yarn.   The mitten on top has a lace and bobbles stitch on the back of the hand, mitten below is palm up, with alternating rows of single crochet and double crochet.  There is a grey cat paw in the top right corner.
They still need to block, and looking at this photo, I can see that.  The trellis stitch does need some blocking to come out neat-looking. That said, I'm hoping that with the single/double crochet on the palm, they don't grow as much as the matching hat did.   According to my initial swatches, it shouldn't, but, I'll link it again, Swatches lie.

(Oh and yes, if you look at the top right of the photo, you'll see an intruding little grey paw.  I had a feline photobomber today!)

But, they're done, ends are woven in, so this is a Good Thing!  I'm hoping to get these up for testing soon too, so, stay tuned on Yarnpond, or, sign up for my e-mail list, to get notified of the testing call (quick reminder - if you sign up for the e-mail list, click the checkbox for 'crochet' under chosen crafts if you want the testing call for this pattern!)

Yarn is Bobolink Yarns Scuttleship Romney and I can't say enough about it.   The amazing folks at Bobolink Yarns sent me 3 skeins as yarn support, and it's wonderful.  Now, to be fair, it's 'sticky', so, if you have to frog, it's a bit of a pain.  And the matching hat did grow.  A lot.  But, that's not surprising with natural fibers, all it means is that you have to do the dreaded swatching (and, wash your swatch too!) to make sure it will come out the way you want in the end.   But it was wonderful, and made for perfect heat-of-summer crocheting!  Plus, the gloves are definitely warm! They're actually too warm to wear for any length of time in the summer heat right now, but they should be great for fall, or to layer over mittens for winter!

The hook I used  is my 3.5 mm (US E) hook from Leither Co, that I was lucky enough to win on the Yarn Thing Podcast!  It worked out very well, though I would suggest making sure that the shaft of your hook has enough length to have all 6 stitches on the hooks, as that would just be fiddly.

But yeah!  I'm thrilled these are done, and I'm hoping to get them blocked and washed as well, so I can get them up for testing too.

What have you folks finished up in the last week?  Share away in the comments!