Wednesday, 17 October 2018

WIP Wednesday: Vertical Lines Hat Cast On!

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Well, welcome back to another installment of WIP Wed!  Thanks for reading along this far with me!

And, for this week, I've revived an old project and swatch, the Vertical Lines Hat! (It's a working name, I don't know if I'll keep it!)  This is the 2019 First-Quarter release for the Pattern Muses over on Patreon, and I've just started the revamped version (at a slightly looser gauge then my first swatch, but it should work out, if I've done my math right!)  

The ribbed brim of a hat on double-pointed needles.  The yarn is fingering-weight and pale blue. Locked into the knitting are stitch markers with a silver rose charm.  There are different coloured household elastics on the ends of the double-pointed needles.
So far, the ribbing is working well.  It's not a basic ribbing pattern, since it's designed to flow right into the cable-and-lace of the hat, so it takes a bit of memory, but I can still do it while watching Netflix!

Needles are my 3.25 mm Aero dpns, and they're being their usual workhorse needles.  I inherited most of my Aero needles from my mother and grandmother, and for the most part, I love them!  The only thing about the Aero double-pointed needles is that the tips tend to be duller (though that could be from years of use), and so while they're having no problems with the fingering-weight yarn, they can be difficult with lace-weight.   

Yarn is *Northbound Knitting Merino/Silk Fingering, in "Ethereal", and it's wonderful stuff! It has an amazing feel while working with it, it's very soft and the silk gives real shimmer and beauty.   It will grow with blocking, so I do hope that the hat won't grow too big when washed -- my swatches tend not to grow too much, but swatches lie

And yes, I'm once again using my absolutely glamourous needle stoppers in the form of old household elastics!  The silk content makes this yarn quite slippery, so after losing a few stitches at the ends of the needles, I re-introduced my elastics!

The stitch markers are my usual *silver rose stitch markers from *Efficient Sense's Etsy Store. I use these markers a lot (I got a set of 10 of them!) so that should say how much I love these particular makers!

Well, as always thanks for reading along! With the weather getting colder, what are you folks working on this WIP Wed? I'd love to see, so please, share in the comments!

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