WIP Wednesday: Crochet Socks?

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Hello, and welcome back, once again to WIP Wednesday; and well, I've been bitten by the cast on bug yet again - or should I say the chaining bug? -- because this week, it's crochet!  

I had the immediate brainwave for a pair of crochet socks, thanks to a magazine design call, and my first thought was 'you can do socks in crochet, right?'  I confess, I hadn't given the matter much thought, as most of the time, I'm looking for knit socks because it's what I'm familiar with. 

a small strip of crochet ribbing worked in fingering-weight pale blue yarn.  A silver rose stitch marker is clipped into the fabric, while two other stitch markers are clipped in at each end of the row.

Well.  A quick search later, and I found out that absolutely, crochet socks are eminently do-able, and definitely a thing that exists.  I've been warned that since crochet fabric is more textured then knit fabric, some folks find the soles of crochet socks a bit too textured and/or thick, so I'll have to see what my personal verdict is once I get the sample worked up and wear them around for a few days!

First step?  Crochet ribbing. I didn't know this was a thing, but a quick search showed me how to do crochet ribbing, and how easy it is!   So this is my first attempt at crochet ribbing for the cuff of the sock. It's a bit uneven - I had some trouble with the foundation chain - but, for a first attempt, I'm pretty happy with it!

The hook is a 2.75 mm (US C) hook that. . .  honestly, I don't remember where it came from!  It's actually my first time using a hook this small, the only time I've used a smaller hook is the really teeny crochet hooks that I use to put beads in lace shawls, so this is a learning experience for me! It's a bit challenging to get the hook into the back stitch of each row and to see where my row ends (I've borrowed a trick from Marly Bird's crochet ribbing tutorial and stuck a *stitch marker in each end of the row so I don't miss a stitch, because yeah, it was too easy to miss the last stitch of the row otherwise)

Yarn is Lichen and Lace 80/20 Sock in "Beach Glass."  I had an extra skein of this in my stash, and this seemed like a great way to use it up!  All my previous crochet experiences have been with heavier yarn, and this definitely needs more attention -- I definitely found it challenging to work into the smaller stitches. 

So I've got the *Silver Rose Stitch Marker from *NotionsEmporium functioning as my Right-Side marker (I clipped it into the Right Side of the work so that I would know what was the right side and wrong side of the work).  And two *"Faith" Stitch Markers (also from *NotionsEmporium), are my previously mentioned markers for the start of each row. 

These require a bit too much attention to be my 'travel project,' but, I've spent the afternoon watching Lets Play videos and learning how to do crochet ribbing.  What have you been doing on this Wednesday afternoon? Feel free to show it off in the comments, or, on the Discord!