WIP Wednesday: Impossible Geometry Socks, Take Two!

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Hello, and welcome back to WIP Wednesday!  So, those who have seen my Youtube Livestreams are aware that this is not a completely new project, as I've already finished one pair of Impossible Geometry Socks (this particular pattern is actually up for testing right now as I type!) 

A fingering-weight sock cuff on the needles, knit in a dark teal yarn. The cuff is worked in series of one-over-four cable stitches.  A silver stitch marker with a shell charm is clipped into the work.

I'd originally come up with the rough idea for these in response to a 'Art Nouveau' themed magazine submission, but, well, this is how I learned that most of M.C. Escher's better known work isn't Art Nouveau, but considered Modern Art, instead. (This makes sense now that I think about it, but I still confess to knowing almost nothing about various art styles, ok?)  Because yes, when I saw this stitch pattern, it reminded me very strongly of the various tessellations in Escher's work, and, given that he is one of my favourite artists, well, there you go!

The yarn is *Malabrigo Ultimate Sock in "Teal Feather", kindly given to me by Malabrigo Yarns as part of the Malabrigo Quickies program (and yes, these socks will be a Malabrigo Quickie Pattern when they're published!)   I'm currently about 3.5 inches down the leg, and so far, very much enjoying the yarn!  It's got more 'spring' to it then the DyeVersion BFL Sock Yarn (which seems to be discontinued?) that I originally knit my sample in.  This makes sense, actually considering that the BFL sock yarn is, well, BFL, while the Ultimate Sock is Merino and Nylon.   BFL is very sturdy, but has a bit less bounce then Merino, so yeah, that tracks!   I actually think the Merino/Nylon suits the stitch pattern a little better, since it has that bit more stretch that the stitch pattern loses because of the cables.  My only grumble with the yarn is that it's been a bit splitty, especially when I'm not using a cable needle for the one-over-four cables. (Yes, I am that person, I know it terrifies some of you!)

Needles are my *Knit Picks Nickle-plated 2.25 mm circulars.  They're working well, though, I think I would have preferred double-points to circular needles, simply for the fact that I have to adjust where the magic loop falls whenever the cables fall over the beginning/end of round.  But, I just simply grabbed these from when I'd finished the Christmas Tam, I didn't want to go digging about in my needle case for a set of 2.25 mm DPNS.  So that is the minor price for my laziness!   Though, to play Devils Advocate with myself, these are also my travelling socks, they come with me on the subway, and to my Dungeons and Dragons game - and for that sort of travelling, I do much prefer Magic Loop. Less chance to loose a needle!  (As someone who's watched a lost DPN roll down the aisle of the bus and out the door in comical slow motion, yep, I much prefer Magic Loop for travelling!)

I just stole my Stitch Marker from the Christmas Tam, as well, because it was convenient and right there! So, my beginning/end of round marker is still the *Ocean Shell Stitch Marker from *WineMakersSister's Etsy Shop.  I'm glad it is one of the lobster claw stitch markers - that makes it much easier to work with when I have to move it back and forth (the cable stitch does cross the beginning/end of round, so you have to play about with your stitch markers a little bit!) 

So, I guess this counts as my 2024 cast on?  Did you cast on anything for the New Year?  Feel free to show it off in the comments, or, on the Discord!