WIP Wednesday: Scribe Lace Shawl

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 Welcome back to WIP Wednesday!  The commissions are done, ends are sewn in; and it's just hand washing the last one to go out - and I've cast on a new lace shawl!  It's inspired by some magazine calls for designs that have come across my e-mails, (Patrons have all the details in a behind-the-scenes post) and, I've finally gotten it working and doing what I wanted it to do. 

a lace shawl in a pale green yarn on circular needles.  There are many polished glass stitch markers looped over the cord of the needle. It looks a bit wonky and weird right now -- all lace looks wonky and weird before you block it out, I promise, it will look much better once the shawl is done.  Lace Knitting is something where you really have to just trust the process!

Yarn is *Juniper Moon Farms Findley in "Crocodile".   It's a ball of yarn that's been sitting in my stash for a few years now, and it's been taunting me from the top of the yarn box for a bit, so, now was a great time to cast on with it, I figure!

Needles are my 2.75 mm (US 2) *Circular Needles from Knit Picks.  These have been great with the lace, there's been a teeny bit of snagging at the join, but nothing I can't work with (and I have way more expensive needles that also have that same teeny snag, so, for the price point of the Knit Picks needles, there's absolutely no cause to complain!) 

Stitch Pattern is another stitch pattern from the wonderful Gannet Designs - which has informed the working title for this shawl, too - if I'm ever stuck for stitch pattern inspiration, I just end up sleuthing the Gannet Designs blog and I know I'll find something!

As for stitch markers, well, there's lots of them in this one to help me keep track!  I'm marking every 10 stitch pattern repeat with the *Sea Glass Stitch Markers from *WineMakersSister's Etsy shop - since the rings on these stitch markers are wielded, there's nothing for the lace yarn to snag on.  That has been a problem with other stitch markers, but not these ones, and it's wonderful!   To mark my edge sections, I'm using *Silver Rose Stitch Markers from *NotionsEmporium, and my centre stitch marker is a  "Faith" Stitch marker with a locking lobster claw, also from NotionsEmporium.  Since I want to mark the centre stitch, I lock it right into the centre stitch, rather then putting it over the needle.  I just have to remember to unhook it and bring it up every couple of rows!

So, yes, I've added another WIP to the pile!  But, it's still the  WIP Wed question:  what are you working on today?  Let us know in the comments, or post it in the Works In Progress channel on Discord!