WIP Wednesday: Basket Weave Hat!

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It's WIP Wednesday once again, and I've got another new project on the hooks for you all - it's the start of a Basket Weave Hat!

The start of a crochet hat brim worked in pale blue aran-weight yarn.  The crochet is done in a textured basketweavve stitch.
Yarn is a (now discontinued) yarn from Cascade Yarns, at 55% Merino, 33% Synthetic Microfiber, and 12% cashmere; it's a very interesting yarn to work with.  It's weirdly soft, you can feel the Merino, but it's got a texture that is just slightly different then what I would expect from a Merino/Cashmere blend. 

It's not yarn I would have thought to buy myself (I make a effort to steer clear of microfiber synthetic fibers where I can; as the shedding of synthetic microfibers is a problem for water pollution, since the microfibers aren't filtered out by most water-treatment facilities).  

But, it came as part of a (very kind!) destash, and better that I use it, wear what I make out of it, and get use from that, rather than the yarn simply ending up in a landfill! Since my plans for it are for an outerwear set (I've got enough yarn to do a matching pair of mittens and a scarf; bonus points that since the stitch pattern is reversible, the scarf will be too), it won't be something that needs oodles of washing. 

This is also my first time trying out my *4mm Laurel Hill hook, which I'm absolutely adoring.  It's reclaimed ebony from old musical instruments; and it's such a joy to work with.   I really like these narrower wooden hooks, over hooks with wider handles, and the Laurel Hill Hooks have just been absolutely amazing. 

Have you started a new project you want to show off?  Share them in the comments, or the Works-In-Progress section on Discord!