FO Friday: Pine Cone Gloves!

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someone wearing a knit glove with a knit-and-purl texture, done in light blue fingering-weight  yarn

Well, it's FO Friday, and I finished a thing!  The second Pine Cone Glove is done! (Yes, there's only one glove in the picture, just, pretend there are two, ok?  I put the one glove safe somewhere after a photo-shoot, and it's very safe, even from me, so this is glove number two, I promise!) 

Honestly, I'm glad to have these done.  I haven't been doing as much knitting recently, as other things have been taking up my time (including revamping the studio space for livestreams!) but I did manage to finish the other glove. 

Yarn is *Knit Picks Twill Fingering in "Patchwork Heather", which Knit Picks kindly sent me as yarn support! .I've said enough good stuff about it in my previous posts, so, I'm just happy to have about half-a skein left!  Not sure what it will become yet, but it's nice yarn, so I won't let it go to waste!

Needles are 2mm (US 0) Hiya Hiya double-pointed needles.  As usual, I dropped these on the floor half-a-dozen times while I was knitting on this, but I think I still prefer these to magic looping when it comes to this narrow a circumference. 

The pattern's already been tested, and just came back form my editor, so now it's just waiting on final photography to come back.  Release date is hopefully sometime near the end of May, so, stay tuned here on the blog for that! 

What have you finished this Friday?  Share in the comments, or post in the Discord