WIP Wednesday: Fireside Mittens!

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Welcome back to WIP Wednesday, and I've been working on the Fireside Mittens
a textured crochet mitten laying flat; worked in dark yarn with flecks of yellow, orange, and red.  Someone's hands are visible, crocheting the matching mitten-in-progress.

These mittens started as inspired by a magazine submission call.   But, I liked them so much I put them up as an option for the Pattern Muses over on Patreon, and, now I'm finishing them up and am open to ideas and input from Patrons!  I had to put them on hold for a bit, but the hook that I'm using is actually shared between 3 different WIPs, so I'd really like to get them off the hook! 

And, speaking of the hook, it's a 3.5 mm (US E) hook from Leither Co. that I was lucky enough to win on the Yarn Thing podcast.  I was skeptical about the hook because usually I don't like the larger handled crochet hooks (I'm picky about my hooks as many cause my hands to cramp), but this hook, no hand cramps and I quite enjoy working with it! 

The yarn is random yarn - it came to me as an an amazing act of internet kindness; and while I don't know the dyer, I do know that it's a Merino/Nylon/Cashmere blend; and it was dyed to the theme of 'fire'..  So, I think it suits quite well!  I do want to see what this stitch pattern does in a solid with a thicker yarn, so I might (eventually), swatch and test out a second version of these mittens at a later date.  But that's a project for future me. 

 The *Silver Feather Stitch Marker is from  *NotionsEmporium  and, I can't sing the praises of the lobster-claw stitch markers enough!  They can be a bit fiddly sometimes to mark a specific stitch (as you can see if you've been watching me work on these over on Twitch,  but it's just -so- necessary to have locking stitch markers if you're working crochet - especially for me, as someone who isn't nearly as confident in reading where I am in my crochet. 

So yeay for getting back to WIP Wed!  Hope you've all had some fun,, and I'd love to see any WIPs for the start of 2022!