#ThankYouPatrons! 2019-2020 Toronto Knitter's Guild Membership!

Well, it's #ThankYouPatrons day!

And I'm thrilled to have all of my Patrons supporting my work, both past and present, making what I do a little bit more possible!  Thank you for all your support!

What does that mean!  Well, this year, Patrons graciously and wonderfully covered the cost of my membership in the Toronto Knitter's Guild!

Line Art of a smiling sheep holding balls of wool, there are hearts above the sheep's head.
Image Credit: Toronto Knitter's Guild
And why is that important?  The Toronto Knitter's guild is a wonderful group of knitters (and crocheters), but it's also one of the centre meeting points for Toronto's professional Fiber Arts scenes.   Local dyers, shops, designers, and more, as well as knitters and crocheters of all stripes, come together once a month to make, learn, connect, and inspire!

And what else does membership do!  Well, it gets a discount at the local yarn stores, does that count?

But why post this at all -- I mean, wouldn't a 'thank you' note somewhere on the internet have worked just as well?

Maybe.  But I also believe in trying to show my patrons (and everyone else who supports me!)  where the money goes.  Sure, there's rent and groceries and cat food, but if I say "oh, at this goal on Patreon I'll do 'x'" then I feel it's important to show that's actually what I'm doing, and I've done the thing I said I'm going to do with that money!

And what's upcoming with the Guild?   Why is this an important thing now?  Well this month's meeting is Kyle Vey of VectorKnits, the designer behind the now-viral Wingspan Shawl!  So that promises to be wonderful!

It's thanks to my amazing Patrons that I have a chance to meet these people, one designer to another.   So thank you again for opening up this amazing opportunity!