2019 Holiday Gift Guide! Gift Ideas for the Knitter or Crocheter in your life!

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So, I'm trying something new!  

I know from my own experience that the non-knitters and non-crocheters among us have no idea what to get us crafty folks as gifts over the holidays.   So, after being inspired by the Etsy Gift Guides, I put together a list I hope will be helpful!

If you're a crafter, feel free to check out and pass on what I've posted; and if you're a non-crafter, hopefully this will give you a starting point for gifts for the knitters/crocheters in your life!

I'll also include a few of my own thoughts on each thing, as well!
A woman wearing a garter stitch and lace crescent shawl. The shawl is striped in a blue-green gradient. One edge of the shawl is out of frame, with the other end wrapped around her shoulder, with the wingspan held open.
Photography: Stephanie Wallace

Lets start with Yarn:

So, for yarn, there's -so- many brands of yarn I could recommend, but one of the dyers I've worked with and loved is *oceanwindknits.  I've worked with their yarns before,  using her *Gabriola Mini-Skein Sets and  I can say that their yarns are absolutely wonderful!  Each mini-skein 25 g, so the set of 5 works out to 440 yards (about the same as a skein of sock yarn).  And yes, there are *full skein fade sets available too!  

Also under Yarn is *TurtlePurl Yarns.    I've been lucky enough to work with several of her yarns -- I've worked with her TurtlePurl Worsted (sadly, not available through her Etsy shop), and her *self-striping sock yarn (though that project is a secret for a bit longer, more on that coming soon!)

A crochet hat in the alpine stitch, laying flat. The hat is done in a speckled pink/purple/grey/whiteAnd last on the yarn list is *Leither Co's Superwash DK -- I got the chance to try the *"Blushing Sage" colouway, when I won a skein from a podcast; and it's a very nice yarn to work with --  I worked one of my sample hats in it!   It's softer then I expected for a Superwash, but still is quite a durable yarn, able to survive several froggings!

Next on the list are crochet hooks!

Someone holding a small circle of crochet, worked in the round, and a crochet hook. The hook is metal with a carved wooden handle, and the yarn is yellow sock yarn with black flecks, held double.  I'm particular about my crochet hooks in particular, and I've recently fallen in love with the *Leither Co. Crochet Hooks.  I -love- the fact that they go down to a 2.25 mm (US B) hook, and the metal shafts mean that there's a much less risk of me snapping the hook.    The one I have is a 3.5 mm (US E) hook that I've been using on a few different projects recently because I love it so much!  I'm thrilled I actually won this hook from a podcast; because I'm definitely going to go out and get a few more! 

And now Stitch Markers. 

A close up view of a locking stitch marker with a silver crab charm.
Not sure about what else to get?  Stitch Markers usually go over relatively well!  I get most of my stitchmarkers from various Etsy Shops, from*EfficientSense's Etsy Shop*WineMakersSister's Etsy Shop, and Fibremancy's Etsy Shop.   I love the fact that all of these shops have stitch markers that can open and close, so that they can be used with crochet. Indeed, the little crab stitch marker on the right, came from one of *my favorite stitch marker sets -- a set of shells with purls, and then a little crab! (You can also pick a narwhal, dolphin, or seahorse, if you want!) 

Finally, how did I forget various notions! 

Buttons and Ribbons are something most crafters love to have in stash as well! 

I've had the chance to try various wonderful buttons from various Etsy shops, including these beautiful *coconut shell buttons from  *BonjourHandmadeDIY,  as well as oak *buttons from The Woodlot!

And ribbon?  Ribbon, at least in my opinion, is a wonderful crafting tool, and finding *organic cotton ribbon made my month!  What makes it even better is that you can buy by the meter, so you don't have an entire extra spool of ribbon sitting around in storage. So for this one, I suggest finding out how much ribbon your prospective crafter might need. 

So yeah, there you have it!  I hope one of those links is helpful, (or, at the very least, entertaining!)  And if you're still stuck for ideas for gifts, Etsy has put together a bunch of *gift guides to help!