FO Friday -- Alpine Hat!

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Welcome back!  And today, FO Friday happens with something many of you haven't seen before!  This started as a Magazine Submission. . .  but I kind of fell in love with it, so, now it's done, and II plan to self-publish it!

This is the Alpine Hat!
A textured crochet hat laying flat.  The hat is made in a pastel variegate red/white/purple yarn.

Yarn and Hook are both from a *Leither Co. Kit!  Hook is one of their *crochet hooks (3.5 mm /US E), while yarn is * "Blushing Sage" on their DK Weight Base.   I won the kit in question from the Yarn Thing Podcast by Marly Bird, and I'm thrilled, because I never would have found or tried this out otherwise!

I was actually originally worried, given that I find a lot of crochet hooks cause my hands to cramp.  But, not this hook, which is great cause for celebration!  It's also not too big for my hands (another common challenge I find!)  And the yarn is 100% Superwash Merino, and while soft, it's doesn't pill like some merino yarns I've worked with.  It's held up well to some frogging, so, that's always a bonus!

The hat you're seeing is actually a size Large, at 25.5 inches in diameter.  It's nice and squishy. . . but too big for me.  So it will be going up in my Etsy shop, once I get everything sorted.   This does mean that I will have to make a second (size small) hat for me to model for pattern photo shoots, so that's going to be a thing over the next couple of months!  And that means the testing call for this hat is still a bit away, but, still, stay tuned!

Anyway, what have you folks finished on this glorious FO Friday?  Share your Finished Objects in the comments!