Wednesday, 3 July 2019

WIP Wednesday: Gradient Mittens Number 2!

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Welcome back to WIP Wed! I've been knitting away again, and have gotten to the second of the Gradient Mittens!  (They're not yet named, but I'm thinking something like the '"What was I thinking?" Mittens', because really, what -was- I thinking, buying 2 skeins of black alpaca lace weight?)

I digress.
A pair of fingerless mittens, knit with yarns held double -- one yarn is black laceweight and one is a fingering-weight rainbow gradient.  One mitten is laying flat with a slipped-stitch pattern on the palm, one mitten is on double-pointed needles and laying palm down, showing stocking stitch and a small eyelet motif.

But yes, that is where the idea for these mittens came from.  I bought two skeins of *Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud, in the (now discontinued) "Midnight Heather" colourway.   Now, don't get me wrong.  Alpaca Cloud is a gorgeous yarn, and I'd love to make a full shawl in it one day. . . but not in black.  No.  Just no.   As much as I do like the Alpaca Cloud, I can completely see why the Midnight Heather colourway was discontinued.  Knitting black lace is very challenging, because you can't really see the yarn to work it. 

So, instead, I doubled the *Alpaca Cloud with a skein of *Knit Picks Chroma Fingering in "Pegasus,"  and that has worked out very well!

They're knit on 2.25 mm double-pointed needles -- mostly my *HiyaHiya double-pointed needles, but there's one needle that's different, because I couldn't find a full set of four (that says something about my organizational skills yes?) 

I've finished the previous mitten, (except for the thumb) and have started the second mitten.  They are mirrored (left hand and right hand are different), but the pattern isn't super complicated, so that hasn't been an issue for my knitting.   Oh, and although I called them 'Gradient Gloves' in my last post, technically, they're mittens, and I need to remember that!     These have been serving me well as a portable transit project, so I'm hoping to finish them up over the next few weeks; whenever I need to travel.   I will have to probably do a bit of colour-matching on the *Chroma Fingering, so that the colour of the thumb matches the colour of the thumb gusset, but that shouldn't be too hard at all.   And I should have enough yarn to make a second pair, which is exciting!

I figure that the two yarns put together seem to come out to around a heavy fingering or sport weight, so for the folks who don't want to double yarns (or, don't have a foolish yarn purchase like mine languishing in their stash!)  These should knit up very well in sport or heavy fingering yarn as well!

The little crystal Stitch Marker from from *Fibremancy's Etsy Shop, and is marking my beginning/end of round.  It's actually made with an earring-back, rather then a lobster claw, which is nice and easy to remove from the work as need be.

But, that's it for this week's WIP Wed -- thanks for reading along!  And, as always, I'd love to see what you're working on, so, please, feel free to post links to your projects in the comments, so I can see all the amazing things that you folks make! Also, if you're working on one of my patterns, tag it as #sarahdawnsdesigns so I can find you on Social Media and stare at your awesome projects!

Until next week, and Happy Crafting!

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