Wednesday, 10 July 2019

WIP Wednesday: Gradient Mittens and a Thumb!

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Welcome back to WIP Wed!  Transit knitting has worked in my favour, and the Gradient Mittens are inching closer to done!
A fingerless mitten knit with two yarns held double -- a dark yarn and a gradient yarn.  The thumb stitches are on double-pointed needles, and a stitch marker with a small blue crystal is clipped into the knitting.

I actually had someone on the streetcar today ask if this yarn was from *Noro Yarn (fibre folks have a way of finding one another! So hi, if you happen to be reading!)  But it's not Noro, it's  *Knit Picks Chroma Fingering in "Pegasus,"  and  *Alpaca Cloud in "Midnight Heather (colour is now discontinued), held double.   Why double?  Because knitting the Alpaca Cloud on it's own would have been a challenge.  Black/Dark yarns are hard to see, and thusly hard to work, and the fineness of the yarn only adds to that challenge. 

They're knit on 2.25 mm double-pointed needles.  3 of the 4 needles are my  *HiyaHiya double-pointed needles, but there's one needle that's different.  I -know- I have more 2.25 mm double-points, but I really couldn't find them. They've either been claimed by one of the feline 'helpers' (and will be found under the furniture when we move), or, they're in one of my many WIPs.   Not sure.  

That said, the HiyaHiya's are working up just fine.  I'm glad that they're sharper tips then the Aero needles, because working with the yarn held double means that these require a bit more attention to make sure I've got both strands of yarn on the needle when I'm working stitches. 

So, I've got the stitches for the first thumb on the needles and have started the first few rounds of thumb ribbing.   I did have to cut the yarn and match it -- otherwise the thumb would have had quite the unexpected colour jump, but I didn't loose too much yarn in doing so. 

The little crystal Stitch Marker that I'm using to mark the beginning/end of round for the thumb is from *Fibremancy's Etsy Shop,  (though, I have had the joy to meet her in person at a couple of fibre shows), and, it's really useful -- it's an earring back, rather then a lobster claw!  So it clips into the knitting or crochet quite nicely, but is still big enough to slip over a larger knitting needle!

Well, that's this week's WIP Wed -- thanks for reading along! And, as always, I'd love to see what you're working on, so, please, feel free to post links to your projects in the comments, so I can see all the amazing things that you folks make! Also, if you're working on one of my patterns, tag it as #sarahdawnsdesigns so I can find you on Social Media and stare at your awesome projects!

Until next week, and Happy Crafting!

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