Wednesday, 26 June 2019

WIP Wednesday: Legwarmers with Buttons!

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Welcome back to WIP Wed! The Legwarmers are done! Ends are woven in. . . now for the ribbon at the top (not shown) and buttons!

So, first, the ribbon.  I could have sworn I had a stash of ribbon bought for a project years ago, but I can no longer find it. I found many other things (including some of my old jewelry-making stuff!), but not the ribbon.

What to do? 

A flat piece of knitting; folded and buttoned.  Yarn is a variegated, fingering-weight blue-green yarn, knit in a lace pattern.  Small brown buttons with engraved leaves are buttoned up on a garter-stitch button band.
A) Though this photo doesn't show it, I made some temporary twisted cord from some leftover yarn (*Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky) to make sure that these would come together the way I wanted, and the answer seems to be yes!

B) I went ribbon hunting on Etsy.   I was looking for either vintage ribbon, or ribbon that has some sustainability/ethical sourcing behind it.  And while I found lots of vintage ribbon, it was all too wide to fit in to the eyelets of the top row.  But, I did find *organic cotton ribbon!  It's sold by the meter, but that works out for me, since I don't need much.  So I'll have to put that order in -- I'm thinking the "Sky Blue" will be the best.   It's coming from the UK, so hopefully it won't take too long to arrive. 

Onto the buttons!  The buttons are these gorgeous  *Coconut Shell Buttons engraved with leaves. They came via regular mail, so took a teeny bit longer, but arrived right when I needed them. 

Only catch is, I failed at math, and will actually need more buttons. Well,  I'll have to make another order!  

In terms of the pattern in general?   I admit, I'm glad that these are off the needles.  The second skein I bought tangled horribly while winding (to the point that I had to cut it and ended up with several different balls (which you can see on my IG, here)  But that, I think, is user-error, rather then any fault of the yarn. 

Yarn, by the way,  is *Dream in Color Smooshy in "Brilliant", and I'm really happy with how it turned out!   I was worried it would obscure the lace pattern, but, no, it's working up well!    I did end up buying a second skein, and I -might- not have needed it. I still have a little bit of yarn left over from the first skein while I was alternating.  I'll have to remember to weigh the other legwamer before I put the buttons on (it would have made sense to weigh them both, but, hey, I'm foolish sometimes!).   The weight will give me yardage, and I can do the math from there.  If I didn't need both skeins, it was very, very close. 
And, yes, these legwarmers are still, as yet unnamed. If you'd like a chance to name them, I've put that exact question to the Pattern Muses on Patreon!

Alright, I think that's it for this week's post! I'm really trying to get back into being more consistent with WIP Wednesday, so, I'd love to see what you folks are working on, as inspiration!  Please, feel free to post links to your projects in the comments, so I can see all the amazing things that you folks make! Also, if you're working on one of my patterns, tag it as #sarahdawnsdesigns so I can find you on Social Media!

Until next week, and Happy Crafting!

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