Wednesday, 6 June 2018

WIP Wednesday: Ice Cream Sundae Socks with Toes!

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Whoot!  Well, this WIP Wed feels a bit more exciting -- I'm almost done the first sock of the Ice Cream Sundae Socks!

The tip of a sock at the foot.  Only a few stitches remain on double-pointed needles.  The top of the foot is a textured lace pattern.
I'm actually done the knitting.  I had to stop right before I got to Kitchenering the toe.  (My spell check is insisting that I can't use 'Kitchener' as a verb. Clearly whoever wrote the dictionary for the spell check isn't a knitter!)

Also, the colour on this photo is a touch off -- it's a grey morning, and I couldn't get the colour quite right.  The colour is closer to real life in my previous posts. Sometimes, the camera just doesn't like me, it seems!

Anyway, getting one sock done (ok, almost done) means that these should be up for testing at the end of June, at the latest!  And, on that note, a quick reminder that these are the Q3 release for my Pattern Muses on Patreon, and Pattern Muses and above get a guaranteed spot in the pattern test, if they want it. 

Yarn is *Blue Moon Fiber Arts Super Sparkle, and this yarn is seriously changing my mind about sparkle yarn.  I usually don't like a lot of sparkle in my yarn, but this, this I like!     Needles are *2 mm Hiya Hiya double-pointed needles.   I'm glad I went with 2 mm and not 2.25 mm (I'll use either for socks, depending on exactly the fabric I want) -- I think 2.25 mm needles would have been a touch too loose. 

Well, I hope you folks enjoyed seeing the Ice Cream Sundae Socks come to fruition! I've got a few other things I'm working on at the immediate moment, but I'm still hoping to get these Kitchenered and the ends sewn in.  Then, it will be a photo shoot and a test-knit call!

It's a grey Wednesday morning here, so I'd love to see what other colourful and awesome things you folks are working on!  Please, post links to your crafty projects in the comments, and thanks for reading!

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