Friday, 8 June 2018

(Half) FO Friday: Ice Cream Sundae Sock is done!

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Someone wearing a knit sock.  The sock is blue with flecks of other colours, and knit in a stretchy ribbed lace.Hello, and welcome back to FO Friday!   It's a bit of a bad habit for me to post only one sock as a Finished Object, but, hey, I can be glad that I finished even half-a-thing, right?  

I'm actually quite happy with how it turned out!  I have another version in different yarn in progress, but I'm leaning towards this one, personally. (Pattern Muses, the poll's still open on which one I should knit up for the pattern sample!)  I knit the small, and it's a bit snug at the heel right now, but I'll see how it sits after I block them.  But I'll wait for the second sock to be done before I block them, for efficiency's sake.  It seems a little silly to me to only block one sock! 

For those who missed my previous WIP Posts, the yarn is *Blue Moon Fiber Arts Super Sparkle, and the needles are my *2mm Hiya Hiya needles.   I was a little skeptical of the Super Sparkle yarn, and honestly, got it last year as an impulsive purchase of an exclusive colourway!  But it knits up very differently from how it looks in the skein, so I'm quite thrilled with this particular impulse buy.

With one sock finished, that means I can jump into setting up for the test-knit call (and finishing the other sock, too).  Look for this test-knit in mid- to late- June, and stay tuned here and on social media for the test-knit call!

What crafty things have you folks finished on this FO Friday?  I'd love to see them in the comments!

P.S  Knit In Public Day is tomorrow!  I'll be out with the Toronto Knitter's Guild at Wychwood Barns, and I'd love to see you folks there!

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