Wednesday, 2 May 2018

WIP Wednesday: Crochet Scarf and Hood

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Ok. So the Crochet Scarf and Hood is -almost-done! (And yes, it needs a better name, I know.)  

I'm in the finishing stage, and while I don't usually like sewing, this one really isn't too bad!  For some reason, I find sewing crochet actually a lot easier then sewing knitting.  I have no idea why, but it's a consistent thing for me. 
A crochet scarf folded in half.  It is partially seamed at the top of the fold, there is a needle threaded with matching yarn threaded between two stitches as if to do a mattress stitch.

Anyway, I got a bit of seaming done on this on the train, of all places, while I was travelling to the Ontario Welsh Festival over the weekend. (If you want to read my attempts at Welsh, you can check out my Facebook post or Public Patreon Post about the Festival!)  The picture was taken once I got home, though. 

I'm honestly not sure exactly how long of a seam I'll need for the hood -- I'm trying it on as I go.  Once I get the prototype completely finished, I'll figure out the seam length when I grade the pattern for size.   It's definitely too warm to wear this right now - Spring has definitely finally arrived, but that means it'll be sure to be done for this Winter, which is exciting!

Yarn is one of the January *Exclusive Colourways from *EatSleepKnit -- "Sea Witch" on *Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silky Targhee.  It's a wonderful yarn to work with -- I was worried about how it would pool, but the pooling's actually worked in my favour!  (For those who still want some of the 'Sea Witch' colourway, at the time of this writing it's *still available on the "Featherlight" base.)

The hook I used is a 3.75 mm (US F) hook from Turn of the Century.  I've written oodles about the awesome-ness of these hooks before, so I'll close by saying that they are amazing, and these hooks are probably the big reason I got back into crochet!

I'm hoping to get this finished up and onto testing soon -- if all goes according to plans, I'm hoping for a Fall/Winter release for this!  So, as always, stay tuned here for test-knit calls and new releases!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week's WIP Wed, and stay tuned for next week's post!  As always, I'd love to see what you're working on in the blog comments -- and it doesn't have to be crochet or knitting!  

Thanks for reading!

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