Wednesday, 11 April 2018

WIP Wednesday: Lorien Cowl

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Hello folks!  This week, I've been revisiting some WIPs in an attempt to clear my needles.  This week has been a return to the Lorien Cowl!  It and my Crochet Hood make very good Knit Night projects, since they're both relatively easy-to-remember repeats! Yeay for simplicity, right?

I know it's not the best picture, but the weather here is pretty disgusting right now.  It's quite grey, and overcast enough that I had to turn the living room lamps on to get this picture -- and this is at 3 pm in the afternoon!   That said, the incoming rain is always good for the early crops, plus, it's supposed to be 16 C tomorrow, so I'll luxuriate in the spring weather tomorrow provided the weather holds.

A deep turquoise fingering-weight lace cowl on a circular needle.  Yarn and cowl are tucked inside a wooden yarn bowl. Well, with my annoyance about the weather out of the way, I can write about the cowl now, right? 

The Lorien Cowl is actually pretty close to done, and I actually think I won't use up my entire skein.  The way I've knit it here (Yarn is the now-discontinued Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Fingering in "Neptune"), it doesn't look like I'll need the full skein of what I have left.  I like my cowls close to the neck, so that way, they do end up needing less yarn.   Originally, I'd just planned to knit until I ran out of yarn, but now I think that if I do that it will be too deep a cowl for my liking.

It's sad this yarn has since been discontinued, as it's absolutely wonderful yarn!  But it's 'deep stash' from at least 2013, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  I don't have a full skein, I salvaged it from a previous project (my first and only attempt to work colourwork socks two-at-a-time).  The result was so horrible that I ended up loosing some of the yarn, it was just too tangled to sort.   I have since come to the conclusion that despite my many cases of second sock syndrome, two-at-a-time socks (or anything else), just isn't a method that works for me.

It's with projects like these I'm also quite glad of my *yarn bowl from Natural Knot Wood.  It makes it really easy to just take my work somewhere, yarn bowl and all!  When I first started knitting, I dismissed the usefulness of yarn bowls, and boy, do I regret that now!   

In this case, the cowl sits nicely in the yarn bowl, and the yarn bowl fits in my knitting bag, which makes knitting in public super easy!  And since the yarn bowl is maple, it's not super-heavy, unlike some of the ceramic bowls I've tried -- and, since it's wood, there's no risk of it breaking in transit, either!  Honestly, I'm quite impressed with the *Natural Knot Wood yarn bowls (and it's gotten some wonderful comments when I'm knitting in public too!) Once I get a little more confident in my spinning, I have my eye on a few of the gorgeous *spindles in their shop, too!

On the knitting front, though, I'm actually hoping to have this cowl finished up in the next few weeks, depending on how much deadline knitting gets thrown my way.  If  things go well, I'll try and release it sometime in Fall 2018, though that might change, as always!

This week's post was a bit more stream-of consciousness then my usual style, so thanks for sticking with me.  Stay tuned, as always, for more WIP Wed!

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