WIP Wednesday: Crochet Scarf and Hood

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With the Colours of Spring Shawl done, I needed a new project for Knit Night!  So, I pulled out my Crochet Hood and Scarf, and took that instead!

A crochet scarf in a multicolour yarn.  The yarn is purple, with spots of black, pastel blue, and pastel pink.  The scarf is folded up in a wooden yarn bowl, and a wooden crochet hook is on top of the scarf.
And here it is!  Though it's probably not obvious from the photographs, it's grown a lot since the last post -- I think it's getting close to done!

I'm actually really happy with how it's turning out.  I'm a bit concerned about if the hood will be deep enough for my taste in deep hoods, (I admit, I didn't swatch for this, since it's basically a giant seamed rectangle). But, I'm told this yarn grows with blocking. So, hopefully it will work out (and even if it's not as deep as I prefer my hoods, it will still be a functional hood).

I am, however, considering myself very lucky to have snagged this colourway from Eat.Sleep.Knit.  It's their *January Exclusive colourway, "Sea Witch" on *Silky Targhee from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I have to admit, it's a challenge to get the *monthly exclusive colourways -- they're popular enough to vanish very quickly!  That said, at the time of this writing, there are still a few skeins of this colourway available on the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Featherlight Base, so if you like this particular colourway, you can still get your hands on it.

One side note -- I'm finding the Silky Targhee to be a very 'sticky' yarn. Don't get me wrong -- it's gorgeous, it feels amazing, but I suspect it would felt very easily, and I've already had a few 'yarn barf' incidents where the yarn has stuck to itself.  Nothing I can't untangle relatively easily, but something to be aware of with this particular yarn.   That said, the skeins are absolutely huge, which is great -- far fewer ends to weave in, and even one skein is enough yarn to make a lot of things!

Like I wrote in my previous post, I was worried as to how this would work up, and yes, it does completely obscure the chevron stitch crochet pattern. . . but it still works!   I'm quite happy with how it looks.   That said,  I do have vague future plans to work up a second sample in a much less variegated yarn, to see how it looks without the colour changes.

The hook is a 3.75mm (US Size F) hook from the amazing Bill at Turn of the Century.  I'm not exaggerating, these hooks are what convinced me I could actually crochet!  I ordered a few on a whim, and absolutely fell in love! These hooks are not only beautiful, they're also functional, and so much lighter the metal hooks that I do own.

Yes, I do also own a few metal crochet hooks.  But, I find them heavy and uncomfortable, so I didn't crochet nearly as much, because I found it uncomfortable!  Now I know that's not supposed to be how it is, so I'm slowly (re)teaching myself crochet on these gorgeous wooden hooks! (And no, I don't get money from Turn of the Century, I just love these hooks!)

Anyway, I've gotten a touch off-topic with my love of the Turn of the Century hooks, so I think I'll close off this post now.  Thanks for reading, and until next week's WIP Wed!


  1. Now I want one of those crochet hooks!

    1. They are actually quite nice, and I adore them!

      The only thing is, they're almost all thinner hooks. If you like the thicker hook handles, I don't know if you're like Turn of the Century Hooks. But yeah, they're definitely worth a look! :)


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