Wednesday, 18 April 2018

WIP Wednesday: Still Waters Shawl

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Hello all, and welcome back to another WIP Wed!

So, for those who are wondering what came out of my attempt at the Initiate Knit Design Challenge, well, here's the answer -- I recently cast on for the full size of the Still Waters Shawl!  The very initial idea for this came from the Ravelry Designer Challenge, but the idea didn't get past a rough brainstorm in the challenge, so I was glad to put it back on the table for the IKD challenge!

Those who follow me on Instagram have possibly already seen my (admittedly deformed) swatch. Now, it's time to see the whole thing come to life. . . starting with the 450-plus stitches I have to cast on! I'll be honest and say that I'm not fully cast on yet!
A set of cast on stitches on a long circular needle.  Stitch markers in a variety of shapes are placed along the needle.

I know, I know, why would I do that?  Well, this is a s shawl that's being knit from the bottom up.  Why? Because that was the way I had to do it to get it to look the way I wanted.   So, each other row will decrease (which, I figure, will probably be the saving grace of this shawl, since each row will be getting shorter and shorter!)

It's my first beaded design, so I admit, I'm a little nervous about that.   I'm quite comfortable beading with a teeny crochet hook, so I don't mind in the slightest, but I know that beading is something that not everyone's comfortable approaching.

Yarn is the absolutely amazing Dye Version Silver, in the colourway "Lagoon".  I got this at the Toronto Knitters Frolic in 2015, and it's been sitting in my stash bin ever since, so it's a good excuse to get it out of the stash and knit up into something awesome.  Needles are my 3.5mm *32 inch HiyaHiya fixed circulars from *Eat.Sleep.Knit -- now that I've finished the Colours of Spring Shawl, these needles are free to use! 

The stitch markers are whatever ones I grabbed at hand to mark repeats of 50 sts, so they're a mix of sets right now!  The rose and the circle of dolphins are from *EfficientSense's Etsy Store, while the shells and the crab (the crab is my centre stitch marker at the moment) can be found *here, at *winemakerssister Etsy Store.   Both sets are absolutely gorgeous!  I got the lobster claws for both the sets, so yes, they fit over the 3.5mm needles, but they also hook into the knitting (or crochet), so that you can mark rows and such for repeats.  Plus, there's no danger of accidentally knitting them into your work!

Well, that's the newest WIP Wed update here!  Stay tuned to see what I'm working on next week -- and I'd love to see what you're working on too!  Feel free to post your WIPs in the comments (and they don't have to be knitting, anything crafty would be amazing to see)!

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