Wednesday, 14 March 2018

WIP Wednesday: Last Colour on the Colours of Spring Shawl!

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And, I'm back with another WIP Wed!

Well, today's post is back to the Colours of Spring Shawl!  I want to get this done as soon as possible, so it can go out for testing as soon as possible, too.   And, I'm finally to the last colour in the *OceanWind Gradient Sets, so there's not that much further to go!   

A Garter stitch and lace shawl still live on the needles.  It is knit in gradient stripes from dark blue to teal green.  There are stitch markers visible in the work -- a small silver crab, and small silver shells.
Right now, according to my spreadsheet (I love spreadsheets, they do so much of the designing math for me!) I'm currently working at across 341 sts for the current row (eek!), so each row is taking about about 30 minutes in garter stitch.  The lace sections do likely take longer.  I don't have an exact time per row, since I usually just judge how much total time using a neat little program (and app) called Toggl. It tells me how long I've taken on something, but not how many rows I've knit unless I record that separately. (Hmm, now that I think of it, it might be a good idea to record time-per-row on a project like this!)

What I do know is that I've got about another 20 rows to go before the I-chord bind off.  While I did make my original swatch with a ruffle, I'm leaning towards the I-chord bind off, personally.  So, unless I hear any requests for a ruffled edge from the Pattern Muses on Patreon over the next few days, I'll be going with an I-chord bind off.  (Also, according to my spreadsheet, the I-chord bindoff takes a lot less yarn then the ruffles, which makes sense).

Since I keep getting asked about the stitch markers on this shawl; the stitch marker set is the absolutely adorable *Ocean Shells Stitch Marker Set, from *Winemakerssister on Etsy.  It comes with your choice of little sea mascot -- I got the crab, though a few people have wondered if it's a spider rather then a crab.   I love that the markers are customizable to different needle sizes -- I ordered the 'crochet' size, so that they're actually locking stitch markers (my personal preference for both knitting and crochet!)  And, apparently, they're worthy of commentary -- I've had a few comments on them both online and when I'm knitting in public!

Given that I'm pretty close to finishing this, maybe, maybe, I'll be able to finish it for this week's FO Friday.  I'm trying, here, folks, and I'm really hoping I can!  It all depends on how long that darn bind-off takes!

Anyway, thanks for reading, and stay tuned, since I hope to put this up for testing soon.  

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