Wednesday, 7 March 2018

WIP Wednesday: MacAskill Scarf

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A knit scarf with a celtic-knot style main cable laying flat.  The scarf is knit in an aran or bulky yarn; and is still live on two wooden straight needles.Well, welcome back to WIP Wed, and this is something you folks haven't seen before -- my version of the MacAskill scarf!  I couldn't share it while the pattern was under wraps, and, somewhat shamefully, I haven't quite finished it yet!

But, here it is!  The yarn is *Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky in "Fjord Heather", and the pattern is my very own *MacAskill scarf, available as a digital download, or as part of the Windward Collection.  The needles are my wonderful 7mm Maple Wood needles from Turn of the Century -- they're one of the rare times you'll see me working on straight needles, but I love these needles!

I'm quite enjoying working on this scarf -- I loved it when I was designing it and that fun feeling hasn't gone away!  I'm four repeats in, so not that much more to go!  I'm trying to finish it for the March Meeting of the Toronto Knitter's Guild and the member Show and Tell.  I figure it will go well with the copy of the Windward Collection that's available as a prize in the Guild Raffle!  (And yes, it was originally slated as a prize in the Feb Guild Raffle, but things got shuffled around.  My apologies for the confusion!)

I have discovered one thing with this pattern, though.  While I'm now a convert to cabling without a cable needle, I've found that this pattern, because of the 5 stitch crosses, really does need the two cable needles as written, at least for those crosses.  Otherwise, though, it works amazingly well. 

Well, it's a shorter update today (things are busy here, plus I've got a photo shoot this afternoon), so it's a short WIP Wed update.  

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!


  1. I love knitting cable. Your work is beautiful.

  2. Thank you! I quite enjoy cables too (though when I first started knitting I was terrified of them)!