Wednesday, 21 February 2018

WIP Wednesday: Past the heel of the Gauntlet Socks

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to this week's WIP Wednesday, where I'm thrilled to announce that it looks like the short-row heel worked out!  I've been knitting pretty much exclusively on these, trying to get them done since, I admit it,  I'm already behind schedule with them. (Ugh).  I did, however, cheat and take the Colours of Spring Shawl to Knit Night, just to have something different, but otherwise, this is it. 

A knit sock laying flat.  The heel is tucked behind, and the colour is transitioning from a royal blue at the cuff to a sky blue past the heel. The foot is not complete, the stitches are live on dpns. I'm actually really excited about this, it's the first time I've been able to knit past the heel on these socks and have them fit!

So, I'm onto the foot proper, and the gradient is starting to show! I always love it when colour changes in colour changing yarn (gradients, self-striping, etc) start to happen, and the *Washtenaw Wool Leelanau sock is no exception! I think I enjoy it because I can clearly see my progress and that I'm getting somewhere.  

Random Tangent: This is why I'm one of the folks who love *Noro Yarns, with all their wonky colour changes!  I actually do want to (eventually) see how this looks in something like *Noro Silk Garden Sock -- I'm curious how shorter-run colour changes would look with this pattern. 

Anyway, I'm actually hoping I can take these to the Knitter's Guild Meeting tonight and finish them up there.  Once I have one sock done, I have something I can take some preliminary photographs with and set up a test-knit call.  Since the left and right socks will be identical, I don't have to make sure the pattern mirrors (unlike the Woodland Mitts, ugh), so one sock is enough to have a functional prototype.  I just have to make sure the toe works out ok. I think it should, but I'll have to figure out the best way to close the toe since the top of the foot is still knit on the bias.  

My one other concern still is the fit along the foot.  I didn't decrease any stitches for the sole of the sock, (which isn't knit in the bias), and I'm a bit worried it might be too big further along the foot.  But, if it ends up being an issue, I can always frog back and add in some decreases. 

Well, there you are, some progress for WIP Wed! Thanks for reading, and if all goes well, the test-knit call will be live soon!

P.S.  For those in the Toronto Area, if you're free tonight (Wed, Feb 21)  I've donated a print copy of *Knit Picks Windward Collection (including the MacAskill Scarf)  to the Toronto Knitter's Guild Raffle! So you could have a chance to win your own copy of the Windward Collection.  Plus, this month's guest is Kim McBrien Evans of IndigoDragonfly (who is absolutely wonderful, and very good at what she does).  I have a few of her yarns in stash -- I think they'll become shawls -- and her work is beautiful stuff!

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  1. Quick update on my P.S -- So the raffle for the Windward Collection will actually be the next Guild meeting, in March. If you can make it, please, come out, the meetings are always a blast!