Wednesday, 14 February 2018

WIP Wednesday: Gauntlet Socks with a Garter-Stitch Heel!

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Welcome back to this week's WIP Wednesday, where, after taking a break and working things out, I'm back to working on the Gauntlet Socks, with what should be (hopefully) a functional heel short-row, garter-stitch heel!

A sock in blue yarn on double-pointed needles.  The cuff of the leg is done, and there are a few rows of garter stitch short-rows at the beginning of the heel.   The sock, along with the ball of working yarn, is in a wooden yarn bowl.
Those who are following my Patreon Behind-the-Scenes are aware that there have been several tries to get the heel right, and even the lifeline I mentioned in my previous post didn't actually save me.  I ended up frogging back (more then once!) adding in some ribbing between the bias-knit panels, and going up a needle size to 2.5 mm needles.   I unraveled several tries, in fact, which is why I started working from the other end of yarn!  The white end of the *'Orion' gradent was finally getting a little fuzzed up from so much knitting and unraveling! (But the fact that it's still held out well is one of the things that's really impressive about the *Washtenaw Wool Leelanau base!)

But, now it finally seems to be working out, and I've finally got a sock that fits properly over my heel.  So, I'm hoping to finish one sock over the next little while, draft the pattern, and get this out to my amazing test-knitters!  Stay tuned here, on Social Media, and to my e-mail newsletter, for the test-knit call!

I've still got other things on the needles (those who know me in real life know that I have -lots- of WIP's around the apartment), but now that I've (really hopefully!) got these socks figured out, I'm really hopeful I can get them finished.   But don't worry, I'm not neglecting my other WIP's either, I promise.

Well, thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoy my WIP Wed, and don't worry, I'll be back with another (or the same) WIP next week!

P.S.  I was given the yarn as yarn support for this design, but all opinions about the yarn are my own!

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