Wednesday, 7 February 2018

WIP Wednesday: Crochet Scarf and Hood

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Well,  'must-cast-on-all-the-things' happened, and I decided to start a new project.  That said, it's not 'cast on' so much as 'chain'. 

A rectangular piece of crochet lace, pooling with black, purple, and smaller patches of pale blue and white.  There is a live stitch on a wooden hook at the top of the rectangle, with a row still in progress.Yep folks, that's right, I've finally got the nerve to work on my first crochet design!  (Eeep!)  My crochet skills are not nearly as strong as my knitting skills, so please, don't expect miracles, but, here we go!

So, this is the start of what will be a hooded scarf!  I'm actually really excited about how this is turning out.  I was terrified my crochet skills wouldn't be up to the task. 

The yarn is the *EatSleepKnit January Exclusive colourway "Sea Witch" from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, dyed up on the *Single Silky Targhee Base.  At the time of writing, there's still a few skeins of this colour left on the *BMFA Featherlight base, for anyone who wants some of this colourway. 

I was absolutely terrified that this would crochet up and be ugly, given the variegation in the yarn.  But, I'm thrilled at how this is pooling -- I probably couldn't have planned it better if i tried!

Hook is a 3.75mm (Size F) wooden hook from Turn of the Century.  I was introduced to Turn of the Century through one of the Ravelry groups I frequent, and I'm very glad I was.  It's a bit of a different ordering process then the usual online cart(orders are done by e-mail), but it's not hard, and absolutely worth it.   I'm absolutely in love with my Turn of the Century hooks (I've got a few knitting needles from him, as well!)

Anyway, I'm actually really happy to say that the crochet designs that have been in my head are now finally coming to life.  I've had several people comment to me that they crochet but don't knit, so I've always felt bad about not having anything available for crocheters! Well, now I will!

So, that's the update for this week's WIP Wed, folks!  Thanks for reading, and there's more to come!

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